On which days in the month do you not get pregnant in the cycle?

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When you are on your period

Is it possible to be pregnant and not have implantation bleeding if you normally spot a little from mid-cycle to your period but this month no spotting and no bloating and your period is due in 8 days?

Answer . not everyone gets the implantation bleed, only some people,if you had unprotected sex at the right time, and you "feel" pregnant, then you might well be. Wait until your period is due, and if it doesn't come, or it is lighter than usual, then take a home pregnancy test or go to the doct ( Full Answer )

Why have you had spotting for 4 to 5 days after your ovulation day for the last 2 months on exactly the 14th day of your cycle and can you get pregnant then or is this like a period?

you can get pregnant and would not be a period, if the spotting more than light best to see your gynecologist - & don't forget about yearly pap smears Answer Hello - Im really not sure what could be causing the bleeding. Spotting can be releated to pregnancy or UTI and some women have claimed to ( Full Answer )

Is spotting on the 12th and 13th day of your cycle mean you a pregnant?

Answer . \nOvulation Spotting is defined as a very light bleeding that may accompany ovulation - though it is rather uncommon fertility indicator and can be easily missed (even if it occurs). Unless you are fertility charting and observing daily changes in cervical mucus, you may not even be awa ( Full Answer )

What day in the month can you become pregnant?

Answer . \nUsually 2-3 weeks after your period is your most fertile time to become pregnant. This is the time when you ovulate and your egg is released and well if you have unprotected sex a sperm could then fertilize that released egg.

Can you become pregnant the first day after your menstrual cycle?

Answer . Yes you can. It's rare but it's still possible. wait and see if you have any symptoms and if your period is late. If you don't feel like waiting long then get one of the tests that tell you before your missed period. They sell them anywhere but the dollar store..

2 periods once a month 30 day cycle?

If this persists for 4 months in a row...see a doctor it may be a fibroid and this requires intrauterine embolization in interventional radiology at a hospital.

If you started your period a year or two ago and you don't have a regular cycle because it comes on different days and you started or missed your period this month does it mean that you're pregnant?

No. Even if you have regular periods and one is late, it does not mean you are pregnant .... in fact being anxious about such a thing can make your period late, However, if you have been having sexual relations you may well be pregnant. You do not even have to have penetrative sex to become pregn ( Full Answer )

What is the likeliest day of your cycle that you can get pregnant?

If it is mostly regular, ovulation occurs two weeks after the first day of your last menstrual period. This is the best time to get pregnant (including a day or two before and after). If you are irregular, it is much more difficult to find out when ovulation occurs. A thermometer to measure temperat ( Full Answer )

30-32 day cycle and had unprotected sex on the 16th 26th and 31st your last period was May 8th what are your chances of becoming pregnant this month And how soon can you test?

If you cycle have be consitant for the last 6 months or more the 26 of last month was the 19th day after your period ask yourself on the 19th on did you feel more so in the mood to have sex and was your discharge like a mucus very slick did you get a pich and your lower abdodmen more so on the left ( Full Answer )

What days of your cycle can you not get pregnant?

it all depends on how your cycle goes each month I give you and example Lets say your period came on every 28 day of the month for a least the past 6 months You would count from the day your period start to the next time is due to get your 28 calander lets go with may calander your period came ( Full Answer )

You had a miscrriage last year and had a D and C and If you have tried to get pregnant last month 15 and 18 days of your cycle but faild to get pregnant Is it a problem or you have to try again?

Even under normal circumstances, it is difficult to get pregnant. It can sometimes take many tries and many months before circumstances are right and an egg gets fertlized. Just try as often as you can. :) If, after having unprotected sex for one year, you have not conceived, then it is considered ( Full Answer )

Can you get pregnant 2 days after your period on a 24 day cycle?

The chances are low, but it's possible. Women usually ovulate on the 10-15th day of their cycles. Sperm can potentially live for three days, some say five but I'm not too sure about that. I'd say you're alright, but keep a close eye on your cycle and keep a HPT just in case.

Can one get pregnant on the ninth day of cycle?

Maybe, but in a 28 day cycle it is usually on day 14 or close to it. If sperm is present in the uterus when the ovulation happens, then, yes pregnancy can happen. Because sperm can fertilize an egg for some days after intercourse, couples seeking pregnancy are often advised to focus on coitus betwee ( Full Answer )

Can you still get pregnant if you menstrual cycle is 41 days long?

Its not supposed to be that long anyway. And no u cant get pregnant because you cant fertilize an egg that's not there ANSWER: I believe they are refering to the length of time between cycles, not how long each mentrual period lasts. And yes, you can still get pregnant in between mentrual periods ( Full Answer )

Your monthly cycle is as regular as clockwork every 28 days however you havent ovulated this month you know im not pregnant why havent you ovulated?

If you know for sure that you are not prego (via store bought test, etc. done at least twice to make sure no mistake was made) then it could be stress, diet change, hormonal..... (also happens in athlete)many factors affect menstruation. But if it doesn't show by next month, IMO it would be a good ( Full Answer )

Can you be pregnant on your 8th day of your menstrual cycle?

It's a real possibility... I didn't research it, but when you begin your period, you're body's cleaning out your vagina for some reason (I know, not very helpful...)... But when that happens, it means you can reproduce now. So, most likely... Plus, I wouldn't try having sex when you're just starting ( Full Answer )

If your cycle has not came in a month and your doctor tells you that you are not pregnant what does it mean?

You might have irregular cycles. This just means you don't have your period at the same interval every time. Say this cycle (the time between you period starting and the next period starting) is 36 days, the next one could be 42 days, the next could be 28 days. That's what irregular cycles are.. Yo ( Full Answer )

Are there certain days of the month you can get pregnant?

The best chance of conception is during your ovulation period. Purchase an ovulation predictor kit (next to the home pregnancy tests) for more help finding out when you ovulate. Conception occurs 5-7 days after intercourse and a woman's most fertile period is on average about 5 days before the day s ( Full Answer )

Can you get pregnant on day 13 of your cycle?

Most certainly you can! A female generally ovulates on day 14. The prime time for a woman to try to get pregnant is around ovulation time. The best time to have sex is 2 days before ovulation to 24 hours after ovulation. This is because sperm can last up to 3 days while the females egg can only last ( Full Answer )

What days can you get pregnant out of one month?

For every woman it is different. If you have a 28 day cycle then typically you ovulate (release an egg) 14 days after the first day of your cycle. Then, we assume that four days before to four days after THAT day are fertile days. That is when a woman can conceive.

When can you get pregnant on a 35 day menstrual cycle?

Yes. Hardly any women these days have perfectly regular cycles. You'd just have to find out when you ovulate which can be accomplished even with a cheap ovulation test kit basically if you are generally healthy.

Can a woman get pregnant on a 23 day cycle?

Woman can always get pregnant unless if she or her partner is sterile. It's during the beginning of the cycle and end of the cycle that the chances of becoming pregnant skyrocket.

Can you get pregnant the day you start your cycle?

Yes of course you can, just remember everyone is different, you are not abnormal. But if you are concerned or want to ask questions ask your nurse/doctor, You can ovulate at any point during your cycle. Remember every girl goes through it.

Can pre-ejaculate get you pregnant on day 11 of your cycle?

Yes, pre-ejaculate can get you pregnant - although pre-ejaculateitself doesn't contain sperm it can carry along with it sperm thatmay be left within the urethra so although the risk is small thereis still a risk. As for where you are in your menstrual cycle,unless you use fertility awareness method ( Full Answer )

Can you fall pregnant of day 21 of your cycle?

Yes, you can fall pregnant on day 21 of your cycle if you arefertile during that time. During a typical 28 day cycle a womanwould ovulate around day 14, but ovulation can occur longer andthus the cycle could be longer too. Long story short; unless youuse FAM you don't know when you're fertile, so un ( Full Answer )

Can you be pregnant on 12th day of cycle?

Maybe if your cycle been on that long or maybe because your cycle haven't been on in a couple off months that have something to do with it ..