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The allied side. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand sparked a war causing Austria and its allies to declare war on Serbia and Russia. Soon, the allies of Serbia and Russia declared war on Austria. Then, when Great Britain and France declared war, the US wanted to help their allies, causing them to join the allies.

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Which side did the US fight on in World War 2?

The US fought on the side of the Allies. The other side was called the Axis.

Does world war 2 people get paid to fight?

Depends on what side your talking about (US or Germany)

Which side of Korea did the us fight for after world war 2?

Trust me on this one it would be South Korea

Which side did US chose to fight in World War 1?

they fought alongside Britain, Russia, France

Where did the US first fight in World War 2?

they had the fight all over the world so that is why it was the world war 2.

In World War 1 what side did japan fight on?

Same side as the French. Yes, the Japanese in WW1 were on the Allied side..... same as the US, but a bit earlier !

Did the US fight in world war 1?

yes the US did fight in ww1 it was closer to the end of the war though

Why did pearl harbor cause US to get in World War 2 on the Europe side why not fight japan?

Because Germany and Japan had signed an agreement to fight together.

What war did the US and Italy fight in?

World War 1, World War 2 and I think the Korean War too.

What side did US fight on in the Korean War?

The US fought for the South against the Northern Communists.

The US entered the war in 1917 on the side of what?

U.S. Entered World War I April 6, 1917 On April 6, 1917, the U.S. joined its allies--Britain, France, and Russia--to fight in World War I.

Why did the united states decide to enter the war and fight on the side of the allies in world war 1?

The Unites States entered World War I because German submarines sank several US merchant ships

In what ways did the US remain undecided about which side to support in World War I?

In what ways did the US remain undecided about which side to support in world war 1?

Did neil armstrong fight in the Korean war?

Yes, he actually did! He was a pilot in the Korean War and he was in the side of US.

What weapons did they use to fight world war 2?

how the us provided the people and weapons to fight the war Uh! rubbish answer

In what wars did US veterans fight in?

Korean War World war 1 and 2

What side did Japan fight on in the Korean war?

During the Korean War Japan was occupied by the United States and did not fight on either side, but was used by the US to resupply the United Nations troops in Korea

Who did the US fight on World War 2?

The US fought Germany, Japan, and Italy

Who did the us fight in WWl?

The US fought Germany and Austria-Hungary in World War I.

What side did the Germans fight for in the civil war?

If you are referring to the US Civil War, Germany played no part at all.

Why did japan fight US in World War 1?

Because we live in a fallen world. _|_ |

What side was the US on in World War I?

The US sided with the United Kingdom, France, and the Soviet Union in World War 1.

During the US Civil War which side did Pennsylvania fight for?

Pennsylvania fought on the side of the North during the "War for Southern Independence" 1861-1865/

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