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On which temperature scale does 1 degree represent the smallest change in temperature?


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The Fahrenheit scale change of 1 degree is smallest when compared to Celsius change. 1.8 degrees Celsius is 1 degree Fahrenheit

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It is a 7 degree change.It is a 7 degree change.It is a 7 degree change.It is a 7 degree change.

One degree Celsius indicates the same temperature change as one kelvin.

On a Fahrenheit thermometer the long marks represent a full degree. There are four shorter lines between the long marks that indicate two degree increments.

Celsius called the freezing point of water 0 and the boiling point 100, then divided the scale into 100 equal parts to represent 1 degree change in temperature

1 degree Centigrad = 1 degree Kelvin = 1.8 Degree F = 1.8 degree R

It is important to know how to change Fahrenheit to Celsius. A 10 degree temperature change on the Fahrenheit scale would be equivalent to a 6 degree change on the Celsius scale.

No, it is not. A Celsius degree equals 1.8 Fahrenheit degrees.

"1 degree"... smallest part of a degree is ".1 degree"

Please answer quickly - I need an answer by 01/02/11 Save Yes, there is a change in the temperature when salt is heated to boiling temperature. The temperature increases from 100 degree celsius to 102 degree celsius.

I believe the Kelvin which is the absolute temperature scale, is the SI temperature scale, but Celsius is the commonly used metric system measure of temperature. For 0° C, the Kelvin temperature is approx 273 K. For each degree change in Kelvin is equal to a degree Celsius change.

A temperature change by one degree on Celsius scale equals temperature change of 1.8 degree on Fahrenheit scale or F (Fahrenheit) = 1.8 C (Celsius) + 32

It is the change of resistivity (of a material) per degree of whichever temperature scale you are using.

The following changes are equal:1 Celsius degree.1.8 Fahrenheit degree.1 Kelvin.

1 degree C is a bigger change. It's 1.8 times the size of a change of 1 degree F. (Technically, these are changes in temperature, not heat. There's a difference.)

A change of 1 Kelvin is exactly the same as a change of 1 Celsius degree.

The temperature was up by about one degree. The temperature rose about one degree. The temperature dropped about one degree.

One degrees Celsius indicates the same temperature change as one Kelvin. The Celsius and Kelvin temperature scales have the same degree spacing.

At the sart of a hiking trip, the temperature is x degree. At the end of the hiking trip, the temperature is 13 drgrees warmer.

'Celsius degree' and 'Kelvin' are two labels for the same interval of temperature change.

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