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Try replacing your PCV value and check the hose that connects to it- It may may clogged or kinked.

There is a hole in the valve cover to act like a pcv.. You may have to remove the cover to clean it properly.

I had this problem in a 92 i used to have. The rings were shot and it was creating backpressure into the heads causing the oil to find ways out. Only ways out are through the dipstick and air filter. If this is your problem you need to replace the pistin rings or get a new long block motor.

Well this is a true answer but on the 93 and 94 models there is no positive crankcase vent valve, the tube going from the valve cover to the intake is simply a breather tube. I have this same problem lol i own a 93 with a 94 model 4cly motor. I have come to find this is just how the PVC system works... try varying the amount of oil a little you may have too much in the motor....

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Q: On your 1993 Wrangler oil comes out of dipstick and into air filter sometimes is there a fix for this?
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