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On your 1997 grand Cherokee touse the overdrive should the light on the dash be on or off?


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2006-02-15 05:05:20
2006-02-15 05:05:20

If you want the overdrive to be on, the light should be off on the dash. The picture on the button has the D in a circle with a line through it, just like a sign that says means "no smoking" & has the cigarette. Overdrive is always on when you start the vehicle.


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If there is an OD off light on the dash, overdrive is turned off.

Overdrive is the normally allowed position so you don't see the light on If you turn OFF the overdrive , the overdrive off light will light up or if there is a problem the overdrive off light will flash

How do you install passenger tail light kit for a 2004 grand cherokee?

Normally the overdrive is allowed , so the overdrive OFF light does not light up When the overdrive is switched off , the overdrive OFF light will light up to let you know that the overdrive has been switched off

Look in the manual, should be in the glove box.

This link should help.

keep the overdrive shaft button pressed, there is a panel light called "O/D" that should light indicating the overdrive is OFF. In that case make sure the light is OFF which means overdrive is ON.

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the fuse box is on the floor board in front pass. side. should be in there.

I would assume to light up the footwell.

Disconnect the negative battery cable for about two minutes and that should reset your check engine light.

The 1993 Jeep grand Cherokee brake light switch simply plugs in and out. The brake light switch is located beneath the dashboard on the drivers side of the engine compartment.

You should check the guage.. It means that one of the gauges is out of the safe range.

Your overdrive light could be faulty. You should check your fused and replace the one associated with the overdraft button.

The brake light fuse on a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee can be found by looking at the cover to the main fuse box. It identifies each fuse and its location.

The check engine light on a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee looks like this... Here is a link Check Engine Light It looks like a little yellow engine.

The ABS light on a Jeep Grand Cherokee cannot be reset without fixing the problem that caused the light to come on. Trying to fix the light yourself could cause your car to fail inspections and operate with major mechanical issues.

what will fix the overdrive light from flashing in a 1996 mercury grand marquis its a gear ratio problem between 1 and 2 shift

Take it in. There is either a problem with your transmission or with the overdrive switch itself. Overdrive switch should be a lot cheaper to fix. I'm assuming the light not only goes on, but the overdrive physically turns off as well when the light is on.

That means you are either in overdrive or you have a defect in the dash lights that is turning on your overdrive light. Wiki can explain what overdrive is better than I can, but it's not a bad thing. You should probably just leave your vehicle in overdrive for better fuel economy.

If you open tailgate there should be 2 black screws against rear fender - remove these and assembly should pull-out

The light is on do to a malfunction in the system. The problem will need to be fixed for the light to turn off.

overdrive light keeps flashing

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