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If the battery is behind the tire in the front, You probably have dirty battery connections. the same thing happened to me and it ended up being the started the armrature or windings on the starter were bad and drained the battery

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โˆ™ 2009-06-02 00:51:59
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Q: On your 93 lebaron when you try to start it it sounds as the battery is dead and there is not enough power but it is not the battery what is is?
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Where is the power module located on a 1987 Chrysler LeBaron?

Under the hood, behind the battery.

Why would the radio work but car won't start?

You have enough battery power to power the radio, but not enough to turn over your engine. CHeck battery.

You have no power in your car would you need a fuel pump?

If you have no power to anything it sounds like a battery problem.

Is a fruit battery powerful enough to power a toy train?


What is wrong with your 1995 eagle talon when there isn't enough power to crank the engine over?

Try a new battery, or get a jump start. Sometimes there is not enough power in the battery to start the engine.

Why might a engine not start?

No spark. No fuel. No compression. Not enough battery power.

Battery rundown protection does what?

Cuts off all load on battery preserving enough cranking power for engine startup.

Does the auto door lock keypad work with a dead battery?

No. It does not require very much power. If the battery is not putting out enough power to turn the starter, but is putting out some power it may still work. If the battery is totally dead it will not work.

How do you make a led glow by the help of battery?

Connect one wire from the LED to each of the terminals on a battery - provided the battery has enough power, the LED will glow !

What does the word power mean when lit on a dashboard of a 2000 Kia?

I'm not positive, but it sounds like power might mean the battery is low.

What happens if you over charge a battery?

Although most chargers are equipt with auto cut off when the battery is charged, the battery will only draw enough power it will take. It power is forced, it could result in an explosion. You can damage or blow up the battery.

Why does the car click and then not start?

There is two options not enough power it the battery or a bad starter

Will not having enough oil in your 1994 Buick Park Avenue affect battery power?


Can a 40 amps jump start be used as a battery charger?

yes and no if you have a smaller battery such as a motorcycle or a fourwheeler then yes but with a car battery it doesnt have enough power to charge it

How do clear the computer fault codes so that the Power Loss light will turn off in a 1986 LeBaron?

You need to have it checked for codes with a scan tool, otherwise unhooking the battery will erase the codes until the mafunction happens again.Disconnect battery

Can you take the power for car lights straight from a car battery?

When your lights are on and your engine is not running you are taking the power for your car lights directly from your battery. If you leave them on long enough, you will run down your battery and your car will not start. Then you will need a jump.

Did they make a 1993 Chrysler LeBaron without power steering?


94 lebaron convertable top motor only clicks in up position?

connect a 12v power supply to top motor to see if motor works sounds like motor is bad

Does the 2.2L cavalier engine have problems?

battery not holding a charge, altenator not putting enough power.

Is it the car battery if the headlights still come on?

Yes, but there may not be enough power to start the engine.

Why won't my gear shift work when the car is off and the battery is low?

It sounds like you have a standard transmission. When you depress the clutch to start the car, a solenoid is energized to operate the safety switch. This switch is the one that won't allow you to start the car without the clutch being down. If the battery is low, it's possible that there is not enough power to operate the solenoid. Most newer automatic transmissions have a safety system that requires pressing the brake to release a solenoid on the shifter. If the battery is low there is not enough power to actuate the solenoid.

1999 Pontiac Sun fire will not start starter is not turning battery has lots of power when the key is in the ignition and turn to power on not to start engine there is a ticking sound?

battery cable is loose Also check... The ticking sound comes from the starter not getting enough battery power. Even though there is battery power, there is not sufficient load power from the battery to start the vehcile. Put a volt meter across the battery posts and try and start the vehicle. If the voltage drops below 9 volts you need a new battery.

Why don't i have any power even my remote keyless entry wont work?

Sounds to me like your vehicle has a dead battery.

1997 Ford Expedition won't start no power?

When you open your hood does the underhood light come on ? I f not , it sounds like a dead battery or a poor cable connection to the battery

When a car starts then dies is it the battery causing it?

If you have power enough in your battery to start the car, then this is not the likely cause. Maybe the carburetor is in need of a proper rinse.