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I am truly sorry to hear about your parents death. Being an Heir in your parents Will you have every right to have a copy of that Will. There is usually an Executor (male) or Executrix (female) that takes care of the proceedings and probating of the Will. If you know who this person is, then confront them about the problem (do not accuse them of not giving you the ring as they could be in the procedure of probating this Will) and if you don't know who the person is then try finding out who the lawyer is. Many parents will leave their Wills in the hands of a Trustee, so it's important you find out who is handling the Will. If the Will does indeed leave you the ring or anything else and the Probate is finished, then it's classified as stealing by the person in charge of the Will when you don't get what is willed to you. There is only one reason for this and it would be if your parents owed personal/property taxes or owed creditors then land, the home and contents of that home (including expensive jewelry, artwork, etc) can be sold to pay off any personal/property taxes and ALL creditors . All taxes and creditors are paid first and what is left in the Estate is thus divided according to the deceased wishes.

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