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Easy. You click on one of your pages that you want to make a sub-page in, and make a page list. To do this, go on tools, add controls, and you find and click 'Page List'. For example, if I made a page saying 'Graphics' and I wanted to go in it an make other pages inside such as backgrounds, layouts and icons, then I could make a page list. Plenty of of options come up to customize them, but be careful, as they can not be changed afterwards.

Another way to make pages inside pages, is to (using my example I used before) go inside graphics, and click on textbox. You can find this in tools, then find add stuff. When you have a textbox, make it say the title of the sub-page you want (such as 'Backgrounds'), then at the bottom right of the page, it says 'choose a page' with a drop-down box. This means you can create links to pages that you have already made. When in this menu, select the page you want to make your sub-page, and click OK. Then you will have the name of your sub-page on the screen. It has now become a link to the page you want.

Hope this helps a little !!

Good luck ;)

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