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I presume that you purchased the vehicle and sometime after that you filed the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. If that is the case and you included the Finance company on your list of included creditors, then the discharge does just that. It discharges the debt forever and you do not have to pay any difference. Yes, as this is usually one of the terms of the contract.

2005-02-20 04:39:52
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What is the difference between necessity and obligation?

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What is the difference between committed and dedicated?

The difference between committed and dedicated is that "committed" refers to an individual's obligation whereas "dedicated" refers to an individual's passion in doing the obligation.

What is the difference between breach of contract and discharge of contract?

Discharged mean terminated. A contract can be discharged by -performance -frustration -Agreement between the parties and -breach If there is a breach of terms of the contract, a contract can be discharged.

What is the difference between liability and obligation?

Liability - is something covered by law. Obligation - is something you're 'expected' to do.

What is the difference between rights and obligation?

Rights are what you are entitled to, depending on where you are, and obligation is what you are obliged to do, ei. what you have to do regarding those rights, for example, children have a right to be loved, but their obligation is to be respective of others.

Difference between fundamental rights and fundamental duty?

difference between duty and right difference between duty and right my answer is: duty is an obligation while right is freedom to exercise a duty like voting. there is a "moral" duty to vote but the right to ignore that duty [ obligation ] to your peril i might add

What is the difference between liability and medical coverage under homeowners?

Liability = Legal Obligation to Pay. Medical Expenses = Moral Obligation to pay.

What is the difference between 'duty' and 'obligation'?

Duty is different from obligation because... Duty is what you need to do and Obligation are things that are "TOLD" for you to do... Duty is your daily duty... Obligation is what SOMEONE told you to do... still... if you think about it... youll still know it's different.

What is the difference between a power and a duty?

Power is the ability to do something, and a duty is what is expected of you by legal or moral obligation

What is the difference between must and ought to?

must is a modal that implies a duty or obligation which is not self imposed but by external rule or duty. ought tois a moral or self imposed obligation or duty.

What is the difference between rights and responsibilities?

Rights are things you are entitled to. Responsibilities are those thing that you have an obligation to do and take care of.

What is the difference between a discharge and release?

'Discharge' implies that you were released after all your obligation(s) have been completed, whereas, 'released' implies that you have been let go, but, your obligation is not yet completed.

What is the Difference between a general obligation bond and revenue bond?

General Obligation bonds are secured by "taxes" primarily, whereas revenue bonds are secured by the "income" from the issuer of that particular bond.

Difference between obligation and essential?

Obligation is basically an act or course of action to which a person is morally of legally bound , it is a duty or commitment. Essential is constituting or being part of the essence of something . inherent.

Difference between should would?

Should is an auxiliary verb that expresses an obligation or a suggestion while would expresses a request or a desire.

Whats the difference between discharged and dismissed?

In very simple terms, discharged means the BK filing was found valid, and the bankruptcy has been granted. Dismissed means that there was/were (an) error(s) of some sort in the filing and the BK has been disallowed. .

What is the use of water discharged from AC?

The water from an air conditioner you are referring to is known as condensation. This occurs when there is a difference in temperature between an object and the temperature of the air.

Difference between committed and dedicated with examples?

The word committed is more about a persons obligation to do something. Dedicated is more about their desire and willpower to do something.

What is the difference between must and have to?

These are both ways of expressing obligation. With "must" the obligation comes from the speaker, "You must wash your hair, it's filthy" or "I must take a shower, I stink!" With "have to" the obligation comes from somewhere else or for routines, "I have to wear uniform for school." "I have to read in bed each night or I can't get to sleep"

What is the difference between a corporate guarantee and letter of comfort?

Corporate Guarantee bind under legal obligation in absense of fullfill the commitment of risk/obligation by subsidary company. A comfort letter is an amorphous obligation and is typically given in a situation where a parent company is unwilling to give a guarantee in respect of a subsidiary's liability.

What is the difference between trade and commercial?

A trade is when you give someone an item and they give you something back Commercial is when buy something and theres not returned items

What is the difference between been to and gone?

Been to means having already gone to and now left or returned from, while gone can mean you are already there or are on your way.

What is the difference between an exon and an intron?

The exon - the 'coding' DNA sequence - is 'determined' by the Dna that is Expressed. The introns - noncoding DNA sequences - are returned for recycling.

What is the difference between where have you been and where have you gone?

"where have you been" is something a person would ask another person after they have returned from a place unknown to the asker. "where have you gone" is something a person would ask another person while they are in an unknown place and have not yet returned.

What is the difference between twilight scene it and twilight scence it deluxe?

I got both for Christmas, but we returned Scene It. I have Scene It Deluxe. I guess I could've answered that for you. Sorry!