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It sounds like you are ready for a flush valve replacement.

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What are two ways to conserve water?

dont flush the toilet for a week and take a shower twice a month

What is the average height of a toilet?

the average height of a toilet is flush with the floor. you dont raise a toilet off the floor.

What does the word floaty mean?

its what u leave in the toilet if you dont flush

Where to go to get gold clean?

Drop it in the toilet and flush. You dont need gold anyways

What was the purpose of the flush toilet invention?

i dont know but i think it was for people not to smell things after they do there business

How to stop a toilet from clogging?

When you're done, flush, Then wipe and flush again. Dont use as much toilet paper. Also hold the handle down so the water keeps running till all the stuff is gone. This turns your "low flow" into a temporary "high flow."

Do turtles get sick?

Yes of course they can. Especially with the slider turtle, if you dont clean its water at least once a week, it will get an infection which can be fatal. Be careful and always sanitize your hands after handling your turtle, because turtles carry the salmonela germ (which you get from eating raw meat). Also dont dump out the dirty water from your turtle's tank in the kitchen sink. The best place to get rid of it is to flush it down the toilet.

Does toilet paper dissolve in water?

Yes but certain types dont

How do you get the secret song on veruct?

You go to the toilet that is is close to the power room and press square 3 times.( the toilet is the one at the left ) when you press square wit til you hear it flush completly.if you dont know where the toilet is it is in front of the stg-44 to the left

What toilet paper does not clog toilet?

All toliet paper can clog a toliet...just dont use half of the roll good toilet melts in water

Why is Red dye put in toilet during urine collection?

so you dont take water from the toilet and adulterate or otherwise water down the urine sample

What is an inexpensive way to save water?

Shorter showers. Dont flush everytime you pee.

Can you flush your cat down the toilet?

i guess? (do u not like the cat? lol) anyway if the cat's small enough and the tiolet's big enough i dont see why not....

How can you stop yourself cutting?

First pick up a knife , Next go to the bathroom , then drop the knife in the toilet, then flush the toilet . Dont hurt such a beautiful creation like u . write all your feelings in a journal and it will help

When was the first flush toilet made?

Sir John Harrington in 1596 for Queen Elizabeth (his godmother). It was not Thomas Crapper, he Merely improved the creation. (DONT CHANGE THIS ITS RIGHT)

Why must we look after your body?

you really dont have to, treat your body like toilet water if you want to

Did you flush the toilet mr?

"no""well there is something red, green, brown, and yellow in there." "did you do it and didn't flush the toilet?""oops""what""no""well your lying cause you were the last one to go to the bath room." "if you do that one more time you are so grounded for 5 months, got it.""no i dont got it, 5 months, are you crazy?""12 months, and you can not watch any t.v, go on the computer. and go out of the house except when you are going to school. all you can do is go to school, do your home work, take a shower and go to sleep. got it?""fine but i get grounded for 6 months.""7""6 and a half.""fine but you come back from school and do everything you have to do,got that too?""yeah i got your point mom.""dont talk to me that way.""dont talk to me that way neeyay."thats what happens when you dont flush the toilet

Does Edward Cullen use the toilet?

No.. Hes a vampire so he dont have to eat Therfore he dont have to use the toilet.

Do black snakes live in trees?

Black Snakes live inside the toilet .To discover one ,you need to crap in there ,BUT DONT FLUSH FIRST !Look inside ,a big one magically appears

Do anacandas need water?

Anacands dont ned water but if you were to give them only once a week

How many people die on the toilet every day?

if you are on the toilet right now dont look down

How do you drain the antifreeze on a 1997 Ford Contour?

You dont Take it to a qualified mechanic for a flush and they will dispose of the old coolant You dont Take it to a qualified mechanic for a flush and they will dispose of the old coolant

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