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Once you take the nut lose how do you get the other end of a fuel filter out?

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Yes it can.... if the fuel is so cold it will start to get wax crystals in it. Therefore the engine is not getting enough fuel and you will lose power and is clogging up your fuel filter. Other reasons can be clogged air filter, fuel filter, or water in fuel. Change the air filter and drain the fuel filter or change it if it's a year old or worse older.

a clogged fuel filter and dirty fuel.

Fuel filter may be clogged. Replace the fuel filter.

There are lots of things that can cause that. Bad gas, dirty fuel filter, dirty air filter, and a number of other things can cause it.

Possibly a clogged fuel filter. or faulty fuel pump, amongst other things

I just change my fuel filter in a 95 Avenger v6. I have to take the batterie out, and the windschild wascher fluid coonteiner, then lose it up the bottom and upper hose in the fuel filter and last take the fuel filter out with the bracket attach to it.

Blown fuel pump fuse, faulty fuel pump, or clogged fuel filter.

Plugged fuel filter? Plugged air filter? Plugged catalytic converter?

It is in the inlet to the carburettor. Remove the fuel line at the carburettor and then the large nut (1 inch). Remove the filter and be careful not to lose the spring.

check your fuel filter by trying to blow through it, if its hard replace the fuel filter, or your fuel pump is trying to go out

A partially clogged fuel filter will cause hard starting, stalling, and loss of power. It will also cause the fuel pump to overheat and self destruct.

Could be,Fuel pump failure.Fuel filter plugged.Contaminated fuel (water).Damaged catalytic converter.Restricted exhaust.Air filter plugged.

The best thing to do is replace the fuel filter anyway. You will need to do it even if the fuel pump is bad, so you have nothing to lose. You can listen to hear iif the fuel pump is kicking on at all. If it is, just do the fuel filter. Its much cheaper and easier than the fuel pump. Then you can test the fuel pressure to see if the pump is bad after you replace the filter.

Dirty fuel filter, dirty air filter, bad catalytic converter, restricted exhaust, insufficient fuel pressure.

Plugged fuel filter, plugged air filter, restricted exhaust, plugged catalytic converter.

Could be, a plugged fuel filter, a damaged catalytic converter,

This is usually due to a clogged fuel filter (usually inexpensive to replace). It can also be due to a bad fuel pump, or a cracked fuel hose. Replace the fuel filter and see if the problem goes away.

Could be a restricted exhaust (plugged cat), restricted intake (plugged air filter), restricted fuel system (plugged fuel filter).

probably fuel filter or a simple tune up

fuel rail pipe split,lose, or damaged. Could be the fuel filter leaking too.

there is a filter in the taank with the fuel pump and there is one located along the fuel line usually close to the tankim sorry the second fuel filter is located on the firewall you need a 10mm to remove it off the firewall and two 19 mm wrenches to break the banjo bolts loose be careful if your going to reuse the filter do not lose to copper washer in between the line and filter there are 4 of them

Bad plugs, bad wires, pluged fuel filter, dirty air filter...

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