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One cable to the alternator is live when key is removed whats wrong?

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Answered 2006-08-19 08:51:26

Nothing is wrong. One cable runs from the alternator directly to the ungrounded post of the battery, without any need of going through the key switch. For this wire to become "dead", one of the cables to the battery must be unhooked.

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Your 88 CRX SI Alternator belt is making a strange intermittent noise shortly after changing the alternator whats wrong?

If your 88 CRX SI alternator belt is making a strange intermittent noise shortly after changing the alternator what's wrong, the belt tension could be off. Adjust the belt slightly.

Whats wrong with your 1990 acura integra ls when it dies while driving but has a new battery?

Check the alternator. 90% of the time that's it.

How do you fix the alternator on a 1994 ford Escort Lx?

depends on whats wrong. if changing 1. disconnect battery 2. remove serpentine belt 3. disconnect and remove alternator 4. replace

What is wrong if the engine would jump start but other controls on the dashboard did not work and the engine died after removing the jumper cable?

Battery is completely discharged or is defective. loose alternator wiring or bad alternator.

What does it mean when the battery light comes on in a 2001 Honda Accord when you already replaced the alternator?

It means something is wrong with your charging system. Can be a loose of corroded battery cable, defective alternator or a battery with a dead short.

Whats wrong with a car that wont turn over but the starter alternator and battery is good?

The neutral safety switch could be bad or the ignition switch is bad .

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I have replaced the alternator starter and the solenoid on my 1991 Ford Ranger and when you disconnect the battery cable it kills the engine. What else can be wrong?

Never disconnect a battery while an engine is running!

What could be wrong if i replaced the alternator and battery and still wont hold a charge?

Inside the alternator

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