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According to today one dollar is equal to 44 rupees.

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Q: One dollar is equal to how many rupees?
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One Singapore Dollar is equal to how many Indian Rupees?

it is equal to 33.24 rupees

One malasian dollar is equal to how many Indian rupees?

One Malasian ringte is equal to how many indian rupees

How many Pakistani rupees are equal to one us dollar?


One Australian dollar is equal to how many pak rupees?


One Hong Kong Dollar is equal to how many Indian Rupees?

1 Hong Kong dollar = 6.69754754 Indian rupees

How many rupees in one dollar?

46 Rupees in one dollar.

How much rupees equal one dollar?

On the 24th March 2013, it is about 54 rupees for 1 dollar :)

One billion dollar is equal to how many in Indian rupees?

One billion dollars [1,000,000,000] in US currency would equal 46,180.000,305.18 Indian Rupees[INR].

How many US dollars equal one Indian rupree?

49.00 Indian rupees is what you will get from one dollar

17 billion is equal to how many rupees?

One US dollar is equal to 58.36 Indian Rupees. Based on this conversion, 17 billion US dollars would be the equivalent of 992,119,981,245.25 Indian Rupees.

One quarter dollar is equal to how much in Indian rupees?


Dollar to rupees?

60.26 rupees is one dollar.

One yen is equal to how many rupees?

0.533 rupees

One penny is equal to how many rupees?

.56 rupees

How many rupee's equal a dollar?

One Billion US Dolllar is equal to 45 thousand crore in Indian rupees.... Approximately

One billion American dollar how you convert in Indian rupee?

one billion dollar equal to indian rupees

How many rupees equal to one gbp today?

I want an answer for the above many rupees equal to one gbp?

One Singapore dollar is equal to how much India rupees?

28 rupess

What is one American dollar equal to in India?

$1 US Dollar is worth about 45.60 Indian Rupees.

How many Indian rupees are in one US dollar?

40 RupeesAbout 40 Indian rupees are equivalent to one US dollar.

To how many Indian rupees is 499.95 dollars equal to?

One American dollar has an equivalent value to 60.85 Indian rupees. Therefore, 499.95 American dollars is equivalent to 30,421.96 Indian rupees.

How many rupees are in one dollar bill?


How many indian rupees is one dollar?

About 50.

How many rupees in 1 Us?

Currently, one Indian rupee is the equivalent of 0.017 US dollars. This means that one US dollar would be equal to 60.13 Indian rupees.

How many Pakistani rupees equal to one penny?

one penny equals to how many pakistani rupees