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The answer to this question is human.

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How many fast food restaurants are in Australia?


How many fast food restaurants are there in Australia?


What is Ontario's most common fast food restaurant?

Tim Horton's is a common fast food restaurant in Canada.

What is the junkiest food in Australia?

Disgusting American fast food if you would even call it food

Does Canada have a Wendy''s?

Canada has many Wendy's fast food restaurants.

How many fast food restaurants in South Australia?


What is the first fast food restaurant hat came to Australia?

The white castle was the first Fast Food Restaurant in the U.S. that i know of.

What fast food restaurants are both in the US and Canada?


Favorite fast food in Canada?

Canada is a big country with many metropolitan cities. Therefore, fast food business is very profitable. Famous fast food chains include Tim Horton's, Pirate Chips, and VJ's Drive-In are some of the popular ones.

What is a similarity between Canada and japan?

one similarity is japan has fast food resturants like mc donalds burger king and other fast food places just like Canada

Are there subways in Australia?

The underground train: no, The fast food shop: YES.

How many people eat fast food in Canada daily?


What is the average price of a lunch in Australia?

As in other places, the price of lunch in Australia can vary widely depending on location and other factors. Lunch at a fancy restaurant in Sydney might cost upward of $35, but you could also get a cheap fast food sandwich for about $2. On average, I'd guess the average price of a lunch at a non-fast-food restaurant in Australia would be around $10.

How many fast food restaurants were in 2003 Canada?

Between 17,000 - 17,100

What are the top 5 food exporting countries?

USA Australia Canada China Argentina

Should the US get rid of all fast food?

Not all fast food but only the really bad fast food, that is not only bad for you, but also tastes bad, well, I assume that it tastes bad, because I live in Melbourne, Australia.

Where could a teen get a job?

in a store, or in a fast food..

Can you fast something rather than food?

yes you can fast something rather then food you could fast water, TV, facebook, electricity, your phone etc.

What is your name and your favorite fast food place?

My name is Laura. My favorite place is Canada.

Where are some fast food restaurants in Canada?

Here in Canada (where I live) we have familiar American fast food outlets including McDonalds and Burger King (but not White Castle), we have Harvey's, Wendy's, Tim Hortons, Pizza Pizza. There are more Tim Hortons than any other variety, and they are very good, as fast food goes.

How is fast food bad for you?

Fast food will be very unhealthy for you, it could lead to several deases that can cause you to have a short life span

Where could someone find nutrition facts about popular fast food restaurants?

One could find some nutrition facts for popular fast food restaurants. One way that one could find this information is by going straight to the fast food restaurants' websites and finding the nutrition facts.

Dairy product from Australia?

Australia has a substantial dairy industry and produces milk, cream, butter, a huge variety of cheeses, yoghurt and all of the "fast food/convenience food" variants.

How does oporto pay its workers in Australia?

It pays the minimum wage possible for which fast food companies in Australia are allowed to pay - varying with your age.

What is the national food of Canada?

There doesn't seem to be an officially recognised national food for Canada but a dish that could likely be included is poutine. Also, although not exclusively produced in Canada, some people think that maple syrup could be called Canada's national food.

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