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One millimeter equals how many nanometers?

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1 millimeter = 1 million nanometers

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How many nanometers does it take to make 1 millimeter?

One million of them.

What unit of length is used in microscopy and how does it compare to millimeters?

Well, there are two. Micrometers, which are one millionth of a meter(one thousand micrometers = one millimeter), and nanometers, which are one billionth of a meter(one million nanometers = 1 millimeter).

What is 23500000 nanometers in millimeters?

Divide by one million = 23.5 millimeter

How many nanometers in one milimeter?

Prefix Nano- means one-billionth (10-9)Prefix Milli- means one-thousandth (10-3)So there are 106 = 1 million nanometers in a millimeter

How do you measure smaller distances?

usually in micrometers, picometers or nanometers. one millimeter is 1000 micrometers one micrometer is 1000 picometers and one picometer is 1000 nanometers

How many nanometers are equal to one millimeter?

A million. One nanometer is 0.000000001 meter. One millimeter is 0.001 meter. Count how many more zeros there are in one than in the other. If there are six, then the ratio is 1 with six zeros. 1000000. That's a million.

What is nanostructrure?

Nanostructure is structure on a scale of nanometers. One nanometer is one billionth of a meter, or one millionth of a millimeter.

How many cubical grains of NaCl equals one millimeter?


One millimeter eguals one what?

One millimeter equals one one-thousandths of a meter.

Is 5 million nanometers larger than mm?

5 million nanometers is 5 mm so it is 5 times larger than one millimeter.

How many nanometers are in one centimeters?

10 millimeters is a cenitmeter 10 micrometers is a millimeter 10 nanometers is a micrometers So 1000 nanometers is a centimeter. ANSWER: 10,000,000 nm Algebraic Steps / Dimensional Analysis1 cm*10000000 nm 1 cm=10,000,000 nm

1 millimeter equals how many meters?

0.001 one thousandth of a meter

How many centemeters equals a millimeter?

One millimetre is equal to 0.1 centimetres.

One mm equals how many micrometers?

1 millimeter=1,000 micrometers

What does one nanometer equal to?

There are one million nanometers in one millimeter.A nanometer is one billionth of a meter.You would have to line up roughly 25,400,000 nanometers end-to-endin order to cover 1 inch.

1 milliliter equals how many centimeters cubed?

it equals 0.1 because one centimeter is 10 millimeter.

What is used in measuring that no one can see or touch?

Micrometers and Nanometers. A micrometer is one millimeter multiplied by 10 to the power of negative six. A nanometer is one millimeter multiplied by 10 to the power of negative six.

What is 3 tenths of a micron?

A micron is a micrometer (one millionth of a meter, or one thousandth of a millimeter), so 0.3 micrometers = 300 nanometers.

25 millimeters equals what?

equals 2.5 cm (1 cm = 10 millimeter) or around one inch (1 inch = 25.4 millimeter)

How many nanometers are in one terameter?

1 terameter is 1e+21 nanometers.

Can a millimeter be as wide as hair?

One millimeter is MUCH wider than a human hair. About 20 human hairs equals 1 millimeter.

Does one liter equals 1000 millimeter?

no, one liter equals 1000 milliliters.......trick question:P

How many centimeters equals one millimeters?

one millimeter = 1/10 centimeter 10 millimeters = 1 centimeter

How many nanometers in one millimeter?

By unit of length and distance and conversion ,we can say that 1 m = 10 ^ -9 1 m=1000 1 mm=10 ^-12 nm

How many millimeter in 1 sq meter?

One square meter equals 1 million square millimeters.