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One of the ten longest rivers in africa?


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The longest river in the world is the Nile. Some of the other longest rivers that are located in Africa are; Congo, Niger and Zambezi.


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Africa has two of the ten longest rivers in the world. The first is the Nile which is the longest river in the world at 4,132 miles long. The second longest African river is the Congo which is the ninth longest river in the world at 2,922 miles long.

The River Nile is one, it's also the longest.

One of the ten longest rivers that starts with this letter is the Congo River. This river has a length of 2,920 miles. The longest river is the Nile at 4,132 miles.

The Congo River is the longest river in Africa. It begins with the letter C.

Yes. The Congo - Chambeshi River, also known as the Zaire River is the eighth longest in the world.

North America is home to several long rivers. The ten longest are as follows: the Mississippi, the Mackenzie, the Yukon, the St. Lawrence, the Rio Grande, the Nelson, the Arkansas, the Columbia, the Colorado, and the Red.

The ten longest rivers in Europe are, 1. Volga 2. Danube 3. Ural 4. Dnieper 5. Don 6. Dniester 7. Rhine 8. Elbe 9. Vistula 10. Daugava

The world's longest river is the Nile at 6,693 km. The African river that you are looking for is the Congo River.

The Amazon River, and is either the longest or the second longest in the world.

Not at all. The Yarra River does not even rank in the top ten longest rivers in Australia. Australia's longest river is the Murray River, extending for 2508 km.

The deepest river in the world belongs to the Congo river in Africa. It is said to be around 700 feet deep.

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