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1 tablespoon is 15ml of the medicine

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How many milliliters would be in 70 milligrams of cough syrup?

A mL of most water-based liquids is about a gram. However, it's more complicated than that, because liquid cough medicines are not pure "medicine" ... they're mostly water and sugar. You'd need to read the box to see how many mg of actual "medicine" there is in a mL of the syrup.

In pharmacology, a tablespoon is equal to 15 ml, a teaspoon is equal to 5 ml. There is no set definition of how many mg are in a tablespoon, if depends on the concentration of the medication that you are takingdepends what your filling the spoon with! If it is cough medicine (or suchlike) about 1000mg

Well you would need a total of 6 ounces 175 milliliters. But in an actual pharmacy the amount you would be charged for would be 8 ounces or 250 milliliters because that's the closest sized bottle they have.

2 ounce of cough medicine will fill 1and1/2 medicine bottles. How many bottles will 12 ounces of cough medicine fill

5 milliliters of cough syrup is equal to one teaspoon.

i took a valium in the afternoon and at 5pm i started taken cough medicine. should i not have had cough medicine to nite

can u take musinex cough medicine with allegra

Assuming you took the cough medicine due to having a cough, it means you are sick.

delcium cough syrup or daytime and nightime cold medicine

If you are ill and taking cough medicine while driving what happens

if you are ill and taking cough medicine while driving you should

97.38 tsp 1 milliliter equals 0.202 US teaspoons. 1 teaspoon is 4.928 milliliters

Antitussive is the medical term for anti-cough, or cough medicine.

It is an over the counter, NON-narcotic cough medicine.

It usually does hurt to cough when your appendix hurts. Cough medicine can help with that.

psuedophenedrine hydrochloride

Cough medicine has relatively few side effects, when taken properly, but stomachaches are possible or a slight burning sensation when taking the medicine.

cough drops will have some kind of medicine in it for the cough and other symptoms.

Some cough medicines do have codine in them. Opioids act as an antitussive (anti cough medication).

Its very unlikley, unless the cough medicine contains something that they concider to be a substance of abuse.

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