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I don't think this problem is related to a virus, most likely this is a hardware relate issue.

Here are some troubleshooting tips.

Test your laptop with an external monitor attached to the VGA port. If the external video is working fine then most likely there is nothing wrong with the motherboard or video card and the problem is somewhere inside the laptop display panel. Most likely you have a bad LCD screen.

I doubt that this problem is related to the video cable because when you have a bad video cable it affects video on the whole screen, not just on the part of the screen.

I guess you'll have to replace the laptop screen.

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Can a virus cause a laptop screen to crack?


Why your Hp laptop screen just black out?

Either it is low on batteries, went onto the screen saver (unlikely that it would be black though) or it has a virus

How come my laptop screen goes black for about a minute the shuts off when im playing roblox?

Maybe your Laptop has a virus or maybe it has a many bytes thats why you can't play on roblox.

Why does your laptop screen go blank sometimes with no way of correcting it other than to switch off and on again?

it probably means you have a virus

How do i get rid of interpol virus on my laptop?

You need to instal the antivirus in your laptop to help get rid of the interpol virus.

Can only run your laptop in safe mode and when you try to run normal mode it reboots back to the original screen?

you have a insane virus in your temp files go see go to a computer virus/malware remover i could explain hor to remove it yourself but that would take hours to type. sorry D=

What are common laptop computer repairs?

"Common laptop computer repairs are battery replacements, screen cleanings and virus removal. Batterys will most likely have to be replaced during some point of the lifetime of the computer."

Can a laptop get a virus?

yes,any kind of computer can get a virus.

WHAT does it means when you turn your laptop on and the screen is blank?

You have to plug in the charger You have to replace the battery You have got a blank computer virus You just have to try again tomorrow

What are the common problems in a laptop?

a virus

What is virus on a laptop?

A virus is something that will make your computer not working or making it slow.

Will you get a virus from downloading minecraft on toshiba laptop?

No. Minecraft is completely virus free!

Does club penguin give your laptop virus?


How do you remove RecycleBin virus on laptop?

delete it

Does minecraft cause a virus on your laptop when you download it?


Will YouTube put a virus on my laptop?


Which virus protecion is the best for a home use laptop?

There are so many good virus protection products out there, but after doing some major research it seems the preferred virus protection for a laptop is Kaspersky.

How do you know if your laptop has a virus?

your laptop is slow it goes funny and things pop up.

Can Movie Star Planet get your laptop a virus?

yes , my virus scannersed it to me , i scannes moviestarplanet

How can one remove a new virus from their laptop?

One can remove a virus from a new laptop by installing a quality and reputable anti virus software and running it. Always use trusted anti virus software to prevent further security problems.

Does WeeWorld give you a virus?

Yes, it does. It sends a worm that has all the adds on it and that causes a virus. That worm can do very bad damage to your computer OR your laptop. Also, the adds that pop up on your screen, don't click them because they will add more adds to that worm.

How can you get rid of a virus in your laptop?

buy a program from Best Buy. And this program called Anti-Virus.

How do you get a virus off your laptop?

Download McAfee it worked for me

Why doesn't my desktop show on my Gateway laptop?

it has a virus

Can an apple laptop get a virus?

there are very less chances