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There are literally hundreds or thousands of open source operating systems.

Some of the more popular one's are Linux based, but there is also BSD or QNX or Haiku.

Look at for Linux based open source OS, such as Ubuntu, SuSE, Red Hat, Fedora, etc.

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Is os an open source operating system?

OS is an open-source operating system

OS is an open-source operating system?

LINUX and Unix OS is open-source operating system.....! but Windows version OS is not the open-source operating system....!

Is Mac OS an open system source operating system?

Classic Mac OS is closed source. Mac OS X is closed source as well, but many libraries and applications within it are open source, e.g. XNU the kernel is open source, and Darwin the underlying UNIX operating system was open source.

Is Palm OS is an example of open source software?

No. The source for Palm OS is not publicly available. And the source is not available through any type of open license.

Is android an open source OS?

Yes. Android is an open source, Unix based OS, programmed in the C and C++ programming language.

Is Android OS open source?

Yes it is!

What examples open source OS?

Linux and Android are two open source operating systems.

What is the definition of open source OS?

Having the source code open for anyone to edit or modify for free.

What is the two example open source OS?


Is mac os an open sauce system?

Is MacOS an open source system? No.

Is Mac OS X open-source and can companies other than Apple use it for their PCs?

The Darwin kernel of Mac OS X is open source, as are many other parts of the OS. (See links below) but Mac OS X itself is not open source and Apple only allows it to run on Apple hardware.

Explain the latest open source software available and the latest development in ICT?

Meaning of open source OS

How long has android been available as open source?

Android has been an open source OS since 2008.

What is an open source database?

An Open Source Database is a list of software that an be used by users who have an open source OS like Linux or Unix. It is mostly free. Anyone has access.

Meaning of open source OS?

The source code is freely available, in accordance with the licence agreement.

How much does chromium os cost?

Chromium OS is free and open source! That does not mean, however, that Chromebooks are free.

Is web OS an OS of smart phone?

Yes, it is. HP WebOs is an open source platform and it was brought to smartphones.

How do you try Chrome OS?

Chome OS isn't out yet. Chromium OS, the open source version, however, is. You can get the USB image from attached link

What is the open source multitasking operating system designed for smartphones?

Symbian OS

Which operating system is considered an open source OS for mobile devices?


Is Mac OS an Open Source Operating System?

In a word... No. Linux is however, which is close to OS X, but is you wanted the source code from Apple, you aren't going to get very far.

What are examples of latest ICT hardware that relate to open source OS?

pervasive computing

Latest open source operating system?

The latest open source operating system include the Kubuntu Linux and the Fedora Linux. The open source operating system refers to an OS that runs on a computer and is free for use and to be modified.

Free unix operating system source code?

If I understand your question....vague as it is....yes, the Unix OS source code is free and open source.

Is Symbian a multi user operating system?

yes a Symbian is a multi user os unlike open source os as that of androids,but androids do support multi user os.