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Opening jobs in elizabethton TN for 15 year old girls?

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Nope.They only have Newspaper Delivering Jobs and Red Cross Jobs hire 12 year olds but those jobs are only for boys. Not a girl like yourself.

what jobs can 13 year old girls get?

well there probably no animal jobs for 10 year old girls depending on what country you live in but if you live in but you can volunteer at an animal shelter

There are 2 places open per year. Dippy tuls

How about babysitting or housework or garden work?

No. You have to be 14 and get a work permit.

A great job for an eleven year old is to babysit

Summer jobs for 9 year olds are not that hard you can baby sit mow the lawn and stuff like that

Most jobs won't hire you unless you are 16+. Most require 18.

Publix hires 14 year olds they be cashiers bag boys/girls

I dont think that they have jods avalible for 11 year olds

jobs for 11 year old boys/girls is chores like wash the tub or wash the floor in the kicthen

no sorry only cleaning around the house for pocket money

larosa boys and girls club onraven street

There are things that a 9 year old can do... when i was 9 I washed cars and did jobs around the house.hope this helped!!

her first concert was in 2006 but she was just an opening act for the cheetah girls.

Maybe they can work at deli's and stock up the shelves and fridges.

Not really but you could work at summer camps

There are many things 11 year olds can do for jobs; Many have done acting, helping out at their parents jobs, tutoring, some can be junior life gaurds, basically whatever your interests are. So get out there and APPLY APPLY APPLY! Good luck!

Yeah- its called five dollar footlong.

you could be a babysitter,dog walker,pet sitter,or sell lemonades

Ask "What jobs can a ten year old get" to get jobs.

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