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Operating system used of nokia company?

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symbian OS

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Which operating system is used on the Nokia E65 smartphone?

The operating system used by the Nokia E65 smartphone is Symbian. The Symbian operating system was developed by Symbian Ltd but now operated by Accenture. Nokia have now been using the Windows OS more for future smartphone releases.

What operating system used in Nokia moblie phones?

Most of the nokia mobile phones uses SYMBIAN OS . For example N-series and E-series. Nokia have their own operating system also which is also used in some nokia phones (cheaper models).but most of the nokia phones uses SYMBIAN OS.

What operating system is used by the Nokia 8800 Sirocco?

The Nokia 8800 Sirocco uses the Nokia Series 40 operating system. The Nokia 8800 Sirocco first came out in 2005 in the United Kingdom. The Nokia 8800 Sirocco had a stainless steel case with a scratch resistant screen.

What is the operating system used in nokia 3110 mobile?

symbioll OS .i am not sure about the spell

What operating system software is found on most Nokia phones?

Symbian is the operating system software used on many of Nokia's mobile phones. However, in 2011 Nokia switched its primary OS to the Microsoft made MeeGo.

What operating system does the Nokia 6300 phone use?

The Operating System that Nokia uses on the Nokia 6300 Phone is Series 40. Series 40 is the most widely used mobile phone platforms in the world. As of January 25, 2012 Nokia announced they have sold over 1.5 billion Series 40 devices.

What operating system was used in nokia 2700 classic?

Series 40 5th edition Feature pack 1

Can symbian 0s 9.5 can be used in nokia n73?

No, This is the most worst thing about NOKIA mobile phone, you cant upgrade to the next available version of Operating System.

Who developed the MVS operating system?

The MVS operating system was the most commonly used operating system used on mainframe computers. The MVS operating system was developed by IBM and was first released in 1974.

What operating system is used in the Nokia E70 mobile phone?

The Nokia E70 mobile phone is old according to the mobile phone standards of today. It was released in 2005 and it ran on the Symbian 9.1 S60 3rd edition OS.

What is rock operating system?

the operating system which is basically used for gaming and designing of the gaming is called an rock operating system

QNX operating systems is used for what purpose?

The QNX operating system is mostly used for industrial purpose. It is a real time Operating system as opposed to Linux that is considered a basic operating system.

Which operating system is used to run a dos application?

dos operating system

What operating system is used primarily with mainframes as a network operating system?


Which operating system is used primarily with mainframes as a network operating system?


What is the type of operating used?

types of operating system

Which was the first widely used operating system in personal computers?

disk operating system

What is an operating system in operations management?

An operating system is the system working on the computer. Linux and Windows are both operating systems used in businesses.

Which mobile phone company first used Bluetooth?

nokia phones

How do you convert sis files to jar?

this conversion is not possible because sis is a symbian file(another operating system that is mainly used by nokia) & jar is java file both are not same

Why does windows stand out from other operating system?

Simply because they were the first affordable system, created by a well known company, and it is the most commonly used OS.

What are the operating systems used in cell phones?

Depending on who developed the cell phone, many different operating system could be run on it. For example, the iPhone runs an iPhone OS that Apple designed themselves, and all Nokia phones run Symbian.

What was the first widely used operating system installed in personal computers?

MS-DOS was the first widely used operating system

Can Fedora be used as a server operating system?

Yes. Fedora is often used as, and is fully capable of, serving as a server operating system.

What are the most used operating systems for computers?

The most used operating systems for computers is the Windows operating system and the Mac operating system. Within each operation system there are multiple versions, which each having slightly different features.