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it is an organism with different functions and uses

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What are cell organelles and its functions?

write down the functions of cell organelles

What are the small structures within the cytoplasm which perform individual functions?

organellesOrganelles within the cytoplasm of cells have specific functions.Structures within the cytoplasm that perform specific functions are called organelles. They are found in all eukaryotic cells.organelles

What are the organelles functions?

The organelles within a cell have different specific functions from one another. The functions can range to a simple protection up to complex functions such as breaking down of sugar to be release as energy.

Cells with similar functions aggregate to form organelles?

No. Organelles are found inside cells. Cells with similar functions form tissues.

What is cytoplasmic organelles?

a structure in the cytoplasm organelles; perform various cellular functions

Why do cellular organelles have different structures?

The structures of cellular organelles are related to their functions.

What are organelles and where are they found?

Organelles are the small structures inside cells that perform specialized functions.

What are the functions of the organelles?

these are used to carry out various functions of the cell at the cellular level

What is purpose of organelles?

the preform specific functions

How does a cell carry out life functions?


What are the main organelles in the cell and their functions?


What cell organelles use energy?

They all do. All organelles need energy to perform their functions.

Does cells Contains many organelles with different functions?

Yes, the animal cell contains approximately 13 organelles, all with different, but fundamentally same functions.

Why do cells have organelles?

Why do cells have organelles According to my view cells have organelles in order to perform the particular functions take place within the cell.

Cell structures that carry out special functions?


Structures that perform specific functions in the cells?

organelles!! :)

What are the eight organelles and their functions?

mitochondria endoplasmic reticulm

What does eukaryotic cells have to perform special functions?


What are the names of two organelles that contain enzymes and their functions?

Two organelles that contain enzymes and their functions are: Mitochondria - produce energy for the cells Lysosomes - break down enzymes in the cells

What functions are provided by the intermediate filaments and microfilaments?

Anchoring organelles in place, shape To help anchor organelles in place

What do eukaryotic cells organelles do?

Organelles exist within eukaryotic cells for the purpose of partitioning different cell functions

What are the two types of organelles found in a cell?

There are many organelles found in the cell, for example the mitochondria, and the Golgi apparatus are two organelles with different functions in the cell.

What are microscopic bodies of varying functions within cells?


Cell structures that perform specific functions for the cell?


Microscopic bodies varying functions within the cell?


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