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The oldest evidence of slavery dates to around 11,000 years ago. Anthropologists disovered a group of pygme remains in southern Africa that were shackled together.
As far as recorded and confirmed slavery, the origins are either in ancient Egypt or ancient Sumeria. Egyptian hieroglyphics show that they indeed enslaved other human beings. Hammurabi's code is a detailed outline on law's regarding how to treat slaves
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What is slavery?

Slavery is the forced labor of another person. The slave has no rights as a person of society and is considered to be the property of the owner. Slavery is an abomination.

Why was there slavery?

there were countries in Europe (like Spain and other surrounding countries) who were exploring new lands and the last one that the europeans came across was Africa. and because of the skin color difference (which isn't because of anything other then our sun exposure!) they didn't really feel like th ( Full Answer )

What is originate?

\n . \n Answer \n. \n -verb (used without object) \n . \n1. to take its origin or rise; begin; start; arise: The practice originated during the Middle Ages. 2. (of a train, bus, or other public conveyance) to begin a scheduled run at a specified place: This train originates at Philadelphi ( Full Answer )

Why did they have slavery?

The reason why they had slavery was because they were rich and to lazy to do things them selves. And they thought why waste their riches on them, so they got very little food and got abused very often. Slavery is still happening in some places, which is totally unacceptable, If there was something i ( Full Answer )

Describe the origin and growth of slavery?

Slavery first began when powerful individuals, with the force of arms, guarded their surplus food storage so that only they could access them, whereas before, surplus food storage was considered communal property that everybody had an equal share to. Now let's put ourselves in the shoes of such a ( Full Answer )

What was Americas origins of slavery?

Europeans imported African slaves because once they settled they brought disease to the natives wiping them out and they couldn't handle the labor by themselves.

Slavery was in?

Slavery has existed in many places for thousands of years and including many different types of ethnic people. Next answer: Slavery has been practiced by many cultures of all races over the millennia. It hasn't always been black slaves with white masters. In fact, slavery was quite common in Af ( Full Answer )

When did slavery end in the 13 original colonies?

When a colony ended slavery was up to the government of the state.New Hampshire was the first state to drop slavery in 1783, withtheir state constitution. Any states that still had freedom whenLincoln became President would have ended around that time.

Who was in slavery?

they use the entertainment for dancing and gathering's other words that all they did for fun is dance and sing.

Slavery was permited under the original constitution or the articles of confederation or neither or both?

slavery was no constituted be either one. In articles of confederation, the confederation was a league between states or corporations, they did not recognize the character in the state governments except what the corporate charters or state constitutions authorized. none of the state constitutions o ( Full Answer )

How do you be original?

Answer The best way to be original is to just be yourself! Because each ofus are uniquely different if you are yourself you will truly beoriginal. :-)

What do they do in slavery?

Force people to work until they die. Actually the black experience in America was one of the better situations for slaves. While no slavery is good slavery, they were considered valuable property and were well cared for. To beat a slave was akin to a person buying a new car and trashing it. A ( Full Answer )

When is slavery?

Slavery has always existed and is even around us in the world today. Right now there are more slaves in the world then there has ever been in earths history. There are an estimated 27,000,000 (27 MILLION) slaves in the world today; and that's insane! The question therefore when did slavery occur but ( Full Answer )

When was the slavery?

It still is.... all over the world there are people enslaved. Slavery has been a human concept since time immemorial - humans treat each other abysmally. The weak and powerless are an easy target. In 'developed' countries slavery has been illegal for some time. But there are forms of enslave ( Full Answer )

Where is slavery?

Slavery is still practiced by some tribes in Africa and is not uncommon in parts of Asia. There is some white slavery still occurring in the middle east but it is illegal.

What is a slavery?

a slavery is when you owned by someone and they get you to do their work.

When will slavery in?

When mankind is dead. Slavery is a very old tradition, as is cruelty of man to man. The odds of ending it are high.

How did slavery originate?

Slavery originated in stone age times, in those days there were no machines so all work had to be done by hand labour. Since it was sometimes difficult to find enough volunteers to do labour work; people would take captives and force them to do the labour for them.

What can you do about slavery?

We can resist dealing with countries that tolerate slavery. refusing to travel to Thailand or trade with them would help. Not buying gold and diamonds mined using slaves is also a great option.

Was the union for slavery or against slavery?

The union was against slavery. There were slave states within the Union however the South was more pro slavery. The issue of slavery had been building for years prior. One of the major arguments was whether or not slavery would be allowed in the west. And it was the election of Lincoln, well know ( Full Answer )

Who escaped from slavery and spoke out about slavery?

Frederick Douglass (born Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey , February 14, 1818 -- February 20, 1895) was a freedman who was an American abolitionist, women's suffragist, editor, orator, author, statesman and reformer. Called "The Sage of Anacostia" and "The Lion of Anacostia", Douglass is one o ( Full Answer )

Where was there no slavery?

This is a really easy one. The American Civil war (assuming you mean America), ended in 1865, where General Robert E. Lee surrendered to the Union. That was one point. The other point was, the dying wish of Mr. A Lincoln was to abolish slavery. Because it was his death wish, the South kinda lost the ( Full Answer )

What did slavery do?

I am not quite sure what you meant by that question exactly, but if you were asking what the slaves did then I will tell you. What the slaves did and do is harvest crops, get things for their "master", and so on. But really what the master's thought of slaves was they were useless, so he or she fed ( Full Answer )

What is an African American religious folk song that originated during slavery?

One of the most famous is "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot". Chorus : Swing low, sweet chariot, Comin' for to carry me home; Swing low, sweet chariot, Comin' for to carry me home. I looked over Jordan, And WHAT did I see, Comin' for to carry me home, A band of angels comin' after me, ( Full Answer )

Where did slavery from?

It is almost as old as the oldest profession. Many countries had slaves. From Roman through the Congo and Thailand.

What was slavery for?

Many different reasons, but the main reason was for farming help. The South had so many farms, that they needed more help farming them. Because of this, they hired slaves who did ALL of the work. Don't get me wrong, the entire South didn't want slavery. Actually it was only the majority of the South ( Full Answer )

Does the declaration of independence originally condemn slavery?

The earliest draft of the Declaration denounced slavery; however, this was unacceptable to most of the states at that time. The anti-slavery language was eliminated. England ended slavery long before the United States did so.

What was the slavery auction of the slavery?

You are speaking of the Slave Market or Mart- a form of auction where slaves- captive human beings were offered for sale. Just the thought of human beings on an auction block- so to speak is utterly revolting- but we today have lengthy statistical summaries of (Free Agent Drafts) and baseball (Trans ( Full Answer )

How did slavery become slavery?

Most ancient civilizations practiced slavery in some form. European feudalism was a form of slavery. Some Native American tribes used slaves. Ancient Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians kept slaves and their societies were considered enlightened. The slave trade of Africans began centuries before the Euro ( Full Answer )

Is chattel slavery the same as slavery?

No, it is a subset of slavery. Chattel slavery is where there is outright ownership of the human being, with him being bought, sold and traded. The larger term slavery refers to the variety of ways in which one person is forced to give up labor and time against his will, or be unable to leave. Suc ( Full Answer )

Did saying yes ma'am and yes sir originate with slavery?

NO! It did not start with slavery! This has been n every European country lanuage for 800 years or more. Sir is an honorific address used as a courtesy title to address a man without using his given name or family name in many English speaking cultures. It is often used in formal corresponden ( Full Answer )

Why are there slavery?

The reason there was slavery is there was not a big enonogh family to work on the plantion so there was slaves. To do it for them.

Why they had slavery?

The white people needed workers to work on big plantations, working with cotton and coffee. Knowing Black people were used to the heat, they wanted the black people to work with them.

Slavery the original sin of America?

of course not, the vikings that came to America before the Indians were possibly the first people to sin in America.

Who first called slavery the original sin of America?

The earliest reference I could find isthe "dreadful fruitfulness ofthe original sin of the African trade" - in a letter from JamesMadison to the Marquis de Lafayette, November 1820

Why did slavery stop slavery to in Ohio?

OHIO was in the Union, Northern states, did not have slavery. In fact Oberlin College- est.l833-36 was not only Co-ED but admitted qualified Black students well before the Civil War. Oberlin is, of course, in Ohio.

Did the original Constitution Out Law Slavery?

Although there was discussion about abolition during the drafting of the constitution, I am not aware of any provisions prohibiting slavery in any of the drafts of the constitution. . No, it was later modified after the civil war.

Why was the north against slavery or for slavery?

During the early 1850s, whites from the North began reading first hand experiences of slavery. Most citizens thought it was cruel and inhumane. The North was already completely industrial, with no need for slaves. Although, some Northern states did allow slavery such as Missouri, Kentucky, and later ( Full Answer )

How long slavery did slavery last?

Slavery was abolished in the UK in 1833 and in the US in 1865.Unfortunately, slavery continues today. Millions of people arestill slaves in some parts of the world, mostly in South Asia andAfrica. The ways in which it is done have changed. Today, slaves may workbecause of things like a high debt. Ma ( Full Answer )

Does slavery slavery still exsites?

Slavery was abolished in the UK in 1833 and in the US in 1865.Unfortunately, slavery continues today. Millions of people arestill slaves in some parts of the world, mostly in South Asia andAfrica. The ways in which it is done have changed. Today, slaves may workbecause of things like a high debt. Ma ( Full Answer )

Where do they originate from?

There are many ways you can find out where your family originated from. Since a lot of people are interested in their ancestry, many websites have popped up, making it easier to research your roots.