Origin of the name Davies

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It is unlikely that the surname DAVIES is a patronymic of David, not only is it too simplistic and etymologically 'lazy' but there are too many differences to make this a natural etymology. There is a more rigorous and scientific method for securing, if not proving, its more plausible derivation. DAVIES is a common surname in Wales and therefore amongst the Welsh, wherever they live. Like any nation on the move, the Welsh inhabitants of Wales brought with them the names of their homeland or from the stops en route, particularly the toponyms and hydronyms. I realised when researching Etruscan history in Italy that they too brought their names and language from their homeland, which happens to be a homeland shared with the tribes who later became the Welsh. Like the Pelasgic Etrusci, the Cimmerians, Cimbri or Cimmri peoples originated in the territory of Ukraine - this is well attested (I translated the books and know their home sites). Whilst en route to the small country in the west of Britain where they eventually settled and made roots and became known as the Cymric peoples, some of the tribe followed a route through Northern Italy. Inevitably some settled there - they are today known as the LIGURIANS - this is again well attested. The settlement patterns I describe are similar to the forementioned Etruscans but the latter tended to settle far further into the land they knew as 'the Land of the Long Horned Cattle' and we know as Italy. They settled principally along the coasts of Lazio and Tuscany and inland to Umbria. The Etruscans were talented builders and civilisers, they were the early kings of Rome when Rome was little more than a village and they were responsible for building the early city and the unglamorous but essential city drain, the Cloaca Maxima. However, the greatest city of the powerful Etruscan federation was undoubtedly the magnificent VEIO. It was so remarkable in every way that the inhabitants of the minor town nearby longed to have its location, its agriculture, its fine buildings and high culture - that minor town is today called ROME. When the Romans finally overthrew VAIO the Senate debated whether to move their capital to VAIO but instead heeded an early oracular warning about abandoning Rome at their peril, so they stayed. It is not commonly known that the original name for VEIO was VEIS or VIES. Inhabitants of this city could therefore proudly be termed of-Vies or to put it into their language Da-Vies in the same way that Leonardo was better known by his surname or city-name of Da Vinci - i.e. Leonardo from the city of Vinci. I located, and visited, a great tomb of the VIES or Davies family at the remarkable abandoned Etruscan Rupestrian city of Norchia, nor far from the old papal city of Viterbo. I hope this explanation makes you proud to have a surname that means 'Of Life'.

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Q: Origin of the name Davies
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