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Depends on what deck you run.
check this site for more information -[[Summoning::Special+Summons+from+your+Graveyard]]&p=format%3Dbroadtable&po=%3FJapanese+Name%0A%3FCard+Type%0A%3FAttribute%0A%3FLevel%0A%3FType%0A%3FATK%0A%3FDEF%0A%3F%3FATK%0A%3F%3FDEF%0A

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What cards can help YUGIOH lightsworn decks other then lightsworns?

Honest, shining angel, judgment dragon, guardian angel joan, beconing light, monster regeeneration and revive cards like monster reborn.

Can you Special Summon a Fusion Monster from your Graveyard?

You can use cards like Call of the Haunted (CotH) and Monster Reborn to Special Summon a Fusion Monster from your Graveyard as long as:the Fusion Monster does not state in its text, "This monster cannot be Special Summoned except by Fusion Summon."the Fusion Monster was properly Fusion Summoned. If the Fusion Monster was Special Summoned using cards like Metamorphosis or Cyber-Stein, you cannot use CotH or Monster Reborn to bring it back from the Graveyard.

Can poly fuse monsters from the graveyard?

no, because the monsters are already in the graveyard use a card like monster reincarnation or monster reborn to get the cards back on the field or in your hand then fuse them together.

How do you reincarnate in Yu-Gi-Oh?

You Cant Reincarnate But You Can Bring Back some Monsters with Speacial Cards like Monster Reborn Or Call of the Haunted

Can you special summon a ritual monster using an effect without using the ritual spell?

Only if the card specifically says it can summon a Ritual Monster, like Ritual Foregone. Otherwise, you can't do it, cards like A Hero Emerges, or Monster Gate, cannot special summon a Ritual Monster.Also if you summon the Ritual Monster properly, by Ritual Summon, and it is then sent to the graveyard for whatever reason, then you may bring it back to the field using cards like Monster Reborn. However you cannot simply discard a Ritual Monster from hand and try using Monster Reborn straight away, they are a form of special summon only monster, simply by being Ritual Monsters.

How do you defeat the new Synchro monster cards?

Synchro monsters are indeed powerful, but just remember they are just like any other monster card. The best way to defeat many of them is to use cards that remove them from play or send them back into the Extra Deck. Destroying and sending them to the Graveyard is not always the best option since:"Stardust Dragon", a popular Synchro monster, can negate cards that destroy like "Mirror Force", so "Dimmensional Prison" is recommended since it doesn't destroy; it just removes from play.Even if you have a strong monster, "Colossal Fighter", another popular Synchro, can reborn its self again and again if destroyed in battle.And mainly, "Monster Reborn" makes it super easy for them to return. Sure you can "Monster Reborn" the monster yourself, but it's often too risky.If you want to stop Synchro Summoning in the first place, an anti-Special Summon deck is a good idea. Use cards like "Vanity's Fiend", "Royal Oppression", "Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo", and many more.

Can you use 'Monster Reborn' or 'Call of the Haunted' on 'Chaos Sorcerer' after it has been properly summoned?

Yes. It is a 'can only be special summoned by' monster, which can be brought back as long as it was properly special summoned originally. It is monsters who say "cannot be special summoned except by.." that cannot ever be brought back with cards like Monster Reborn.

Can you special summon a xyz monster from the graveyard?

You cannot 'XYZ Summon' an XYZ monster from the graveyard, they must be in the Extra Deck.If an XYZ monster is properly summoned and then destroyed, it can be brought back to the field with cards like Monster Reborn. However its usefulness may be limited because it will come back with no XYZ material.

Can 'Five-Headed Dragon' be special summoned with 'Monster Reborn'?

No, it can't be special summoned except by Fusion Summon, even if you summon it and it is destroyed, it can't be resummoned from the graveyard. However cards like Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon can be summoned with Monster Reborn, if you properly summon it first, and then it goes to the graveayrd.

How do you summon a monster and not tribute?

depending on the level, such as a level 5-6 monster can be summoned with no tribute with a card like cost down, or there are cards like Majestic Mech- Ohka, that can be brought out with its effect, but only stays around for 1 turn. Plus you can use like monster reborn or call of the haunted to bring them from the graveyard, but otherwise, you can't. You have to have a special affect.

Can you use 'Monster Reborn' or 'Call of the Haunted' on a 'Judgment Dragon' that goes to the graveyard after it has been properly summoned?

No. Judgment Dragon says it 'cannot be special summoned except by...' and this way is the only way it can ever be special summoned. It cannot ever be revived from the graveyard by cards like Monster Reborn.

Can you use monster reborn to bring a paladin of white dragon to the field without using the ritual card?

No, Ritual Monsters can only ever be summoned to the field initially by their Ritual Spell Card, or anything that specifically says it can summon a Ritual Monster, like Ritual Foregone.You can never summon them initially by other means, including Reasoning, A Hero Emerges, Mystic Tomato, etc, nor can you just discard them to the graveyard and bring them back with Monster Reborn.They can be revived by cards like Monster Reborn only if properly summoned by Ritual Summon first, before they were destroyed. Otherwise the only thing you can do is find a way to return them to hand and summon them with their Ritual Spell card.

Can skyscraper 2-hero city effect work with elemental hero fusion monster destroyed by battle?

Most, Elemental Hero fusion monsters say they "cannot be special summoned except by...." which means that's the only way for them to reach the field. Monsters that say "can only be summoned by" have to be initially summoned by the listed method, but after that, can be reborn using cards like Monster Reborn. But even if you use the listed method initially, the 'except by' monsters cannot be special summoned from the graveyard, by cards like Monster Reborn, or Skyscraper 2. So you'd have to look at the specific Elemental Hero's text - almost all are 'except by', a notable exception are the 'Neos' fusions.

Can number cards be destroy by regular cards?

In the anime they cannot, but in real life, it's just like any other monster, so yes

When you use monster reborn are you supposed to tell your opponent who your getting?

Monster Reborn is a targeted spell, so you must choose and reveal what you will affect when you activate it. That means the opponent can respond with things like DD Crow and remove the target before Monster Reborn resolves, meaning it resolves without effect. That's just part and parcel of being a targeted effect.

How does the Quick-play 'Inferno Reckless Summon' work?

Basically, when you special summon a monster with 1500 or less ATK with cards like marauding captain, call of the haunted, or monster reborn, you can activate this card when your opponent has a face-up monster to special summon all copies of that monster. Your opponent can special summon all copies of his monster too, but that's a rare chance IMO.

Can you summon chaos emperor dragon from the graveyard?

If you properly Special Summoned him first, and he is then destroyed, you can special summon him back from the graveyard with cards like Monster Reborn. You do not need to remove another Light and Dark monster to do this, and just as important, you cannot remove a Light and Dark monster to special summon him from the graveyard, he can only be summoned from hand by doing that.

Can Ritual Monsters be summoned from your deck or graveyard?

No, only from your hand. They can be special summoned from graveyard by cards like Monster Reborn if they were properly summoned initially before they went there. However you can't resummon them from the graveyard with their Ritual Spell Card.

Can 'Chaos Sorcerer' be special summoned from the graveyard?

Chaos Sorcerer must be initially summoned from hand. You cannot use his own special summon effect from any other location, like the graveyard. However, if he is properly special summoned by this method, and then destroyed, you are allowed to special summon him from the graveyard using cards like Monster Reborn. Monsters who say "can only be special summoned by..." all work like this, but ones who say "cannot be special summoned except by.." can't use any other method but their own. Lastly, if he's in the graveyard but was not properly summoned (like, his summon was negated, or he was simply discarded there) you can't use Monster Reborn on him.

Why is magician of faith banned?

Magician of faith is banned because other cards like monster reincarnation require a discard to work.

What is a good type of Yugioh deck to have a big koala in other than a beast type deck?

I would then suggest a normal monster strike deck. This deck uses normal moster and equip spell cards with other spell and trap cards to boost your monster strength. It has cards like "Sword of the Soul-Eater", "Sogen", and "Collected Power".

Can your opponent special summon your Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning from your graveyard?

If it was properly special summoned before going to the graveyard (ie, it was not simply discarded or its summon was negated) then yes, the opponent can summon it with cards like Monster Reborn.

Can relinquished be special summoned from the graveyard?

Ritual monsters may only be special summoned from the graveyard if they were successfully summoned by Ritual Summon. If they were sent there in any other way - like simply discarded from hand, or improperly summoned by Ritual Foregone (it special summons but does not Ritual Summon), then you cannot revive them from the graveyard with cards like Monster Reborn or Fulfillment of the Contract.

Can you special summon a synchro monster?

Synchro Summons in themselves are Special Summons, so in that regard, they can be special summoned. Some effects let you 'just' special summon a Synchro Monster, such as Starlight Road. The difference with this is you are not properly summoning the Synchro Monster, so can't bring it back from the graveyard once destroyed. If a Synchro Monster is summoned properly (ie, by Synchro Summon) and is then destroyed, it can be special summoned from the graveyard with cards like Monster Reborn.

What would be the best card to have in a Yugioh card Deck other than monster reborn?

It will depend on your style of play but there are cards that are a must in a deck. For me you should have a card that allows you to get or draw a card, eg Pot of Greed, Sangan or Witch of the Dark Forest. also include cards that can destroy your opponents monsters like Torrential Tribute or Lightning Vortex they can really be handy and can save your life.

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