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Examples of medium Mass Communication include blogs, pod casts and message boards, all of which fall under the umbrella of the internet.

Telephones are another example of medium mass communication.

Fliers or mailouts, as in mailbox drops or junk mail, are also examples, as are posters, bumper stickers, print media (newspapers, magazines), television, movies, and so on.

Any type of communication designed to be readily available to the population of an area in general fits the description.

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Q: Other examples of medium mass communication?
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How do you write film is a mass communication?

I think what you are trying to say is that film is an "example of" mass communication. In other words, film (or movies) is one of the mass media. A mass medium sends out a message to a large and often distant and anonymous audience; we don't know who is listening to our radio show or who is reading our book, and the audience could come from anywhere. (And by the way, "medium" is singular-- radio is a mass medium. Radio and television are mass "media," plural.) Examples of mass media are radio, TV, movies, books, magazines, the internet, and newspapers. All of these are in the category known as "mass communication."

What is mass communication?

Mass communication is a process of communication in a large group of people by the help of a medium.

What are the types of communication in mass communication?

The types of communication in mass communication are: Television, Newspaper, Radio and anything that goes out in a large quanity, such as magazines and internet. mass communication means addressing to a mass of people. In the above mentioned examples newspaper and magazines comes under print media and television comes under visual communication...

What is mas-communication?

Actually, it is "mass" communication (two words) you are asking about. Mass communication refers to using a mass medium to send your communication. The mass media (medium= singular, media= plural) include radio, television, newspapers, magazines, books, movies, internet, and recorded music. Your message to the audience might be spoken, or it might be written. It might be songs, political speeches, interviews with celebrities, jokes, talks by experts about medicine or sports, or some other kind of communication... But when you send it out by using the mass media, that is how mass communication occurs. Mass communication can reach large audiences-- in fact, it can reach people all over the world. But often, the audience is anonymous (we don't know, for example, who heard that song or who liked that speech); and mass communication also does not offer instant feedback or an instant reaction -- there is a delay between when the person hears (or reads or watches) it and when they can react to it. For example, I just wrote a new book and maybe you will buy it. But while I am sending my communication through the mass medium of books, it will take a while between the time you buy it and read it, and when you can get back to me to tell me what you think.

Why is televison important?

Television is important because it is a popular medium for the mass communication of both information and entertainment.

What is more effective as a medium fo mass communication?

It was once newspapers but in our modern world it is now Television

What are media?

They are methods of conveying information to a mass audience: radio, television, newspapers, books, movies, the internet... all of these are examples of media. (The singular is "medium." Radio is a mass medium. Radio and television are mass media.)

What is the difference between Interpersonal communication and mass communication?

mass communication is a linear process depends on mechanical or electonical mass medium like tv, internet, radio... mass communication address a large and diverse audience, but interpersonal communication is a communication process between a few members or two members a sender and a receiver, in interpersonal comm there is a role-taking and a feedback, but in mass comm there is a lack of immediate feedback and inability to engage in effective role-taking

How does communication differ from mass communication?

There is no single definition of the word "communication." However, communication can be defined as the verbal and nonverbal transmission of messages and interpretation of those messages. Mass communication would be based off the same definition, but it would refer more to 1 person addressing a large amount of people through some sort of medium such as a radio, television, or even a social media website such as facebook or twitter. Mass media is not just the news media, rather it is any sort of mass communicated message through a medium

Classification of business communication?

(I) Number of people who receive the message - (1) Intrapersonal communication (2) Interpersonal communication (3) Group Communication (4) Mass communication. (II) Medium Employed: (1) Verbal Communication (2) Non-Verbal Communication (3) Meta Communication

Objective of mass communication?

i just want to kw about types of mass communication,objectives and principles of mass communication and theory of mass communication by different writer?

Is the name media an acronyme?

No, it is not. It is the plural of the Latin word "medium." A "mass medium" is another name for a method of communication that reaches large audiences. Radio is a mass medium (singular). Radio, television, movies, and the internet are examples of mass media (plural). Years ago, the terms "mass media" and "mass communication" were not in common use; in fact, they did not really become popular until the 1950s and 1960s, when scholars began to seriously study the effects that various types of media had on the public. Some people today use the word "media" as a singular-- they say "The media is important in society." But if you want to be grammatically correct, you will use it as a plural-- "The media are important in society."

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