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vacuam hose to ac control is of

2007-06-29 23:40:51
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Where is the ground wire for rear defrost in a 1993 ford escort?

Rear defrost - One side or the other, screws to body at back glass.

What is another word for melt?

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Can you freeze cupcakes?

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How safe are the 2 new Windstar recalls as Ford Dealership will never sell another Windstar?

it s pretty messed up that the axle can snap like it did to my van but to cancel build on them is even more messed up i love windstar s my 2003 windstar saved my life and what is the other recall

Are 90 Ford Taurus 3.0 and 88 Windstar interchageable?

I suppose, you just get out of one, right into the other.

What destinations do Windstar Cruises go to?

Windstar Cruises goes to the to the Caribbean, Greek Isles, Europe, Mediterranean, and Costa Rica. They also offer cruises to many other exotic locations.

Heat works only on defrost no other vents on 96 Chevy blazer?

Check the 96 Blazer for any vacuum leaks in the system. A vacuum leak can cause the air flow to only come out of the heat vent.

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Can you defrost bread dough in the microwave?

Probably not a good idea, because the dough would not defrost evenly throughout. Warmer places would begin to bake while other places would still be frozen.

2003 windstar blower fan works frt and rear no heat when temp controls are used and no heat when defrost is used?

If you have no heat in either the front or rear, first suspect is the thermostat. That can affect both systems.If you have heat in one, but NOT the other, then I would first suspect a failed temperature blend door actuator motor.The "Related Questions" below provide a comprehensive diagnostics/trouble-shooting guide to figuring out Windstar heating problems.

Your ac unit outside has ice on it?

If the ice formed while the unit was operating it is a heat pump. The defrost board or whatever other control you may have to initiate the defrost cycle is probably bad. Switch the unit over and run the air conditioning, that wil defrost the ice until you can have it repaired.

What other transmission will work in a 1998 Ford Windstar?

a call to your local salvage (junk) yard should answer this easily.

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What is the cause of ac being mixed to defrost and dash vent plus auto temp control readout is dim?

It sounds like you have two separate problems. Incorrect routing of ventilation is usually caused by bad vacuum motors or loose vacuum lines, but remember that A/C is -supposed to be- routed to the defrost vents when controls are in the Defrost position. The dim temp control readout could be due to a number of causes, but probably isn't related to the other issue you describe.

Why is water leaking out Muffler on your 1998 ford windstar?

Water is a by-product of the engine exhaust - in other words: it's normal

Your 98 sebring lxi is stuck blowing out the defrost and will not go to any other setting. Any idea how to fix this annoying problem Thanks?

that usually indicates a vacuum leak which causes the system to go into default mode, which is defrost.

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Pork is no different than any other meat. As long as you cook it properly after defrosting there is no problem.

What is the left and right levers on the transmission hump in a 1971 vw super beetle?

One is the Heat on/off and the other is the Defrost/Floor lever.

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