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Ideally, you should have a 50/50 male to female ratio when hatching chicks.

However, some people say that there are more like 75% males, and 25% females.

Interestingly this may depend on the HEN. In chickens the hen is responsible for the sex of the chick. In mammals and most other creatures, the sex of the offspring is determined by the male of the species. The chicken will actually lay male or female eggs and certain hens may be genetically more inclined to lay one sex type over another type. The problem is in determining the sex of the egg. By opening the shell to test it you usually introduce bacteria into the egg and kill any embryos inside.

50% of the hatch will be male but this is the industry standard answer. Temperature and humidity of the incubated eggs can modify the percentage and is now being tested in the large layer/meat bird hatcheries. A slightly higher incubation temperature will produce more roosters.

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Q: Out of 100 eggs how many will be roosters?
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How do roosters lay eggs?

Roosters fertilize the eggs and the females lay them, the roosters do not lay eggs.Its the same with humans, the females produce eggs and the male fertilizes them.

Can male roosters lay eggs?

No, roosters do not lay eggs. Only hens lay eggs.

Why do roosters not lay eggs?

Roosters are male. It's the hens that lay the eggs.

How many eggs does a rooster lay?

None, roosters are boys, the hens lay the eggs!

How many eggs do roosters get?

2 or 4

Do chickens need roosters to produce eggs?

Chickens can and do lay eggs without roosters. Roosters are needed for chickens to lay fertile eggs, from which new chickens can hatch. Unfertilized eggs never hatch, but they are sold as food.

How many eggs will a polish hen lay in a year?

None...only Polish roosters lay eggs.

Do you have to have roosters in order for chickens to lay eggs?

No. Roosters are only necessary if you want fertilized eggs. like if you wanted chicks. chickens can have eggs without them

Do chickens have to have roosters to have eggs?


Do roosters sit on the eggs?


What do roosters do that hens don't?

roosters fertilize the eggs but they dont raise the chick

Why do you need roosters?

You need roosters to fertilize the eggs, therefore producing more chicks.

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Roosters don't lay eggs. Hens do.

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from either chickens.....or roosters

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Roosters are the males of the species and they don't lay any eggs.

Do White Leghorn roosters lay eggs?

All roosters are males so they don't lay eggs this is true for any breed of poultry

Do male or female roosters lay eggs?

no roostes do not lay eggs

Will a male chicken lay eggs?

Roosters (males) do NOT lay eggs!

Who is the layer of the most eggs?

chickens and roosters

What is the percent of chicken eggs that are roosters?

The average ratio of hens to roosters is 60:40. Or, for every 60 hens laid, 40 roosters are laid.

Why is your rooster not fertilizing the eggs?

our roosters don't fertilize our eggs it would be good if they did

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roosters are male and therefore cannot lay eggs. The only chickens that lay eggs are the "hens". Roosters are the male birds and do not lay eggs.

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