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Q: Out of Ellie goulding Kristen Stewart and Amy green who is single?
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What is Ellie Goulding's sexual orientation?

Ellie Goulding is hetero and single.

How tall is Ellie Goulding?

Ellie Goulding is 5'6".

Who is Elliot Goulding?

she is Ellie Goulding. an UK's singer, famous with her single, Starry-eyed

Is Ellie goulding Jewish?

Ellie Goulding is not Jewish.

Is Ellie goulding single?

Yes. She says she is "off men".

What is the birth name of Ellie Goulding?

Ellie Goulding's birth name is Elena Jane Goulding.

Who is more popular James Blunt or Ellie Goulding?

ellie goulding

Is there a song by Ellie Goulding called got to Get Up From Here?

its not by ellie goulding, its by ellie lawson

Does Ellie Goulding have any pets?

Ellie Goulding has both cats and dogs.

When was Ellie Goulding born?

Ellie Goulding was born on December 30, 1986.

On what album is the song 'got to Get Up From Here' by Ellie Goulding available?

Its by Ellie Lawson, not Ellie Goulding.

Was Ellie Goulding born in Wales?

No, Ellie Goulding was born in Lyonshall, Herefordshire, England.

Was Ellie Goulding on The X Factor?

No, Ellie Goulding has never appeared on The X Factor.

Is ellie goulding related to mia goulding?

yes she is

Is ellie goulding related to Michael goulding?

yes she is

Is Ellie Goulding related to William Goulding?

No, they are not related.

Was Ellie Goulding in The Inbetweeners?

Ellie Goulding did appear on an episode of The Inbetweeners and performed "Your Biggest Mistake"

Who is Ellie Goulding currently dating?

Ellie Goulding is currently dating dubstep artist Skrillex.

What website has Ellie Goulding naked?

type in cfake for Ellie goulding fake's but their not very good

When was Lights - Ellie Goulding album - created?

Lights - Ellie Goulding album - was created in 2008.

What is Ellie Goulding's date of birth?

what is ellie goulding's date of birth December 30, 1986

Does Ellie goulding drink?


Is Ellie Goulding a rapper?


Is Ellie goulding dead?


What is Ellie Gouldings nationality?

Ellie Goulding is British.