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Short Answer: UV-C from the Sun is absorbed by the oxygen up high, and that allows ozone to be made up high. Ozone decays back to oxygen before it can fall very far... Ozone is not the heaviest gas, iodine heptafluoride (for example) is much heavier. Ozone is heavier than other gases commonly found in the atmosphere... Ozone is present in all layers of the atmosphere. It is concentrated in the stratosphere (which is not the "top of the atmosphere" there are more layers above it), because almost all the UV-C from the Sun is stopped there by oxygen and nitrogen, where the atmosphere's density starts really going up. Oxygen molecules broken into atoms, can yield the production of some ozone, monatomic oxygen is very short lived, so ozone is formed very quickly or not at all. As you move lower in the atmosphere, water vapor (and other contaminants) rapidly destroy ozone, so this allows ozone concentrations to decrease to near zero at Earth's surface. Oxygen molecules are broken apart by 215nm or shorter UV light (UV-C). So are nitrogen, and other atmospheric constituents. So beyond a certain depth into the atmosphere, there is insufficient 215nm or shorter light to break oxygen which can then make ozone. Then it takes a very long time (months) for gasses to diffuse in quantity large distances vertically, and ozone gas does degrade with time... so it appears this heavy gas hovers high above us. When in fact it is created, and disppears before it can fall very far.

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What absorbs most ultraviolet?

The "ozone" layer at the top of the atmosphere.

Why is ozone top of the atmosphere?

Ozone is formed at the top because UV radaitions have converted oxygen into ozone over there. Ozone formation is a chemical process. When oxygen is treated with UV radiations oxygen gets converted into ozone.

What gas is the main culprit in depletion of ozone layer?

Various culprits are there. CFC's are on the top.

Why is it difficult to define an absolute top of the atmosphere?

In the simplest terms, the atmosphere is gaseous. Gas expands infinitely unless contained by a solid, until it event dissipates. While the atmosphere is a continuous concentration of gas, it is very difficult to define its absolute top.

How can ozone be both a pollutant and something beneficial to earth?

Ozone occurring at 'our' level in the atmosphere is a pollutant, because it is harmful to people and some materials (such as rubber). However in the top of the atmosphere it acts as a 'shield' by stopping UV from the Sun, which would be harmful to human health.

Is UV radiation only absorbed by tropospheric ozone?

No, UV-B radiation is uniquely absorbed by ozone, no matter where that ozone is located. Ozone is found in all layers of the atmosphere, but most is concentrated at the bottom of the stratosphere. Ozone concentrations drop to near zero at the top of the exosphere, and the bottom of the troposphere. So very little UV-B is absorbed by ozone in the troposphere,

What are gases in the atmosphere that trap heat?

The top 5 (by concentration) are: * Ozone * Carbon ioxide * Methane * Nitrous oxide * Carbon tetrafluoride * Sulfur hexafluoride

Where does ozone form?

Ozone forms in all layers of the atmosphere. It is near zero concentration at the top of the exosphere, and the bottom of the troposphere. It has its highest concentration, and most of it is found, in the lower stratosphere. This concentrated region is called the "ozone layer". Ozone near Earth's surface is formed by static electricity, air pollution, and more. the ozone layer is formed between the thermosphere and the mesosphere

Is the ozone situated at the top of the ionosphere?

No, the ozone is not situated on ionosphere. It is there is stratosphere.

Are CEC's good top the ozone layer?

No, they are not. CFC's destroy the ozone layer.

Is the ozone layer on top of the stratosphere or on bottom?

It is on the bottom. It is pool of ozone molecules.

Why doesn't water vapor rise above the other gases in the atmosphere?

Water vapour is heavy. Lightest gases always rise to the top.

What type of gas do ge refrigerators use?

Freon gas is used as refrigerant. The freon is most powerful in breaking ozone molecules in the top most atmospheric region. Actually ozone layer (molecules) would act a sun screen to protect the mutagenic ultra violet rays from entering into the atmosphere. Ultra violet is most harmful. Usually people have got a wrong notion that often opening and closing the refrigerator would allow freon gas to escape in larger scale to the atmosphere. Actually that is absolutely wrong. When any service is to be done with the compressor in a refrigerator, then the technicians would cut the pipe and so freon would escape into the atmosphere. After the repair is over, they fill in the compressor with new freon gas. So often doing service with a refrigerator would make the situation worse.

What countries are destroying the ozone layer?

Many countries are destroying the ozone. The developed nations are on top.

Why is hydrogen gas not found naturally in the air?

Hydrogen gas would react with oxgyen and release energy. The lighter hydrogen gas would float to the top of the atmosphere; above the heavier nitrogen and oxygen.

Are jeep commanders top heavy?

Pretty much all jeeps are top-heavy

Which chemicals are dangerous to the ozone layer?

Chemicals are many dangerous to ozone. CFC's and FREONS top the list.

What part of the atmosphere is influenced by global warming?

The stratosphere, which at the top is the ozone layer. that is depleted by CFC which 6 to 10 years to get to it. that allows UV rays to get in, causing global warming hope this helped!

When is ozone harmful?

While ozone (O3) is toxic (it forms during an electrical fire) It exists as a thin layer at the top of the atmosphere , filtering out most UV light, and formed by the action of UV light on oxygen. It is unstable and is in a delicate equilibrium with O2.Without it, life would not be possible.

What is the form of oxygen found at the top of the stratosphere?


What runs at the top of the troposphere?

The stratosphere and part of the ozone

Are reflecting or refracting telescopes more top heavy?

Refracting, large lenses at the top which make them top heavy and harder to stabilize.

What runs on top of the troposphere?

That would be the 2nd layer, the stratosphere layer with the ozone at top.

How do you do top heavy mixed number fraction?

The naswer will depend on what you mean by "doing" top heavy fractions.

What is a fraction called that is top heavy?

A 'top heavy' fraction is an improper fraction as for example 5/3

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