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P Streignard Black Powder Double Barrel Pistol?

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I have found out that P. Streignard was a Firearms maker in Liege Belgium during the years 1820 through 1840. He specialized in finely engraved and incise carved Percussion pistols.

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How much is a old black powder only 45 cal long barrel pistol worth?

How much is a old black powder only 45 cal long barrel pistol worth?

4 barrel CMC black powder pistol?

You haven't asked a question.

What is the value of 4 barrel CMC black powder pistol?


How much blackpowder used in 451 double barrel Leinad derringer?

A typical starting load for the ball and cap Leinad pistol would be about 15 grains of fffG powder.

When did Ithaca stamp the barrel of double barrel shotguns with smokeless powder?

i dont know maybe cause your gay

What happens if you put to much powder in your black powder revolver?

Chances are that if you overload the charge in a revolver style black powder pistol, you can blow up the cylinder or blow the barrel off the end of the gun.

What does the letters BB stamped on a Colt 45 frame and barrel mean?

are you sure it's not BP for black powder ??? it means barrel bushing, the pistol is a transition between colt 1911 commercial and series 70. your pistol was probably made in 1969.

How can you identify a smokeless powder double barrel shotgun number 190808 with a 30-inch barrel and no brand name?

There are other markings on the gun, somewhere.

Is a 1843 colt black powder pistol engraved by w l ormsby serial number 49844 an original or a replica?

read what is on the barrel. it will tell you who made...................

What is the value of a jukar Spain 45 black powder pistol serial?

what is the value of a jukar black powder pistol 007806

Do you need a pistol permit to buy a black powder pistol in NC?


What is the value of the New White Powder Wonder shotgun?

$50-$75 if it is a single shot, $150-$250 if it is a double barrel.

Can 451 ball double barrel muzzle loader leinad be converted to a 410 double barrel judge?

NO, not safely anyway. the black powder guns use a much larger barrel pivot pin that their firearm counterparts. to switch from the black powder to accept a 410 barrel you would have to drill out the pivot pin hole on the .410 barrel to accept the larger pin, the black powder barrel support arm is thicker, to account for this....the .410 barrel support arm will become to thin from the drilling making it prone to creak or break.... need anything leinad related? guns, parts, kits, pictures, advice? contact me.

Does a bullet of the same caliber travel faster if fired through a rifle rather than a pistol?

a bullet of the same caliber and same grains of powder fired from a long barrel will have a higher muzzle velocity than if fired from a short barrel.

What is a percussion pistol?

A muzzle loading pistol using a cap to ignite the powder charge

Single shot JStevens AT 22 cal pistol 6 round and octagon barrel with plated frame sn 21379 you think it is a Reliable Pocket Pistol do you agree?

This pistol should not be fired with modern ammunition! J Stevens firearms were mfg 1886 to 1920 and ctgs were loaded with black powder.

How much does a barrel of gun powder weigh?

Depends on the size of the barrel.

How much powder do you put in a traditional black powder pistol?

Depends on the caliber. A .45 caliber pistol uses about 40 grains of black powder. Contact the maker's website and download the owner's manual for YOUR gun.

Can you buy a black powder pistol on line in Washington?


What are ct gun laws on black powder pistols?

The questions is not "Black Powder", More it is a question of the definitions of a firearm and of a pistol. CT law would consider a black powder pistol a firearm because it can fire a projectile and the barrel length would also fall under the definition of a pistol. Below is a decision made in CT from the law library. "Replica antique pistol, which fired a .44 caliber ball propelled by a black powder charge, instead of a bullet from a fixed cartridge, constituted a weapon under section; defendant's claim of implicit "antique gun exception" to prohibitions of section rejected. 49 CS 248." Source: "CT legislative law"

What kind of powder is in a 9 mm bullet?

Actually, the powder is in the cartridge case. A bullet is the metal projectile that is fired out of the barrel. The powder for a 9mm Parabellum (also called 9mm Luger) cartridge will be one of several different smokless powders. I use Bullseye or Unique for many of my pistol loads, but there are dozens that can be used.

How was a flintlock rifle loaded and fired?

How would load your powder and ball down the barrel ram it down to make sure it's tight in the barrel then you would put powder in the pan when the flint hits the metal it creates a spark lighting the powder in the pan then lighting the powder in the barrel making it fire.

Are 22 cal short bullets for a 22 cal revolver?

22 shorts can be used in any 22 cal. weapon. however, some 22 rifles require long or long rifle 22 bullets. AA: Normally you use 22 shorts in a 22 cal revolver. 22 shorts use pistol powder. It burns much faster than rifle powder. Thus, a 22 short bullet is going as fast as it is going to go after it has travelled about 4 inches. A 22 long or long rifle uses rifle powder. The powder burns slower. It has finished burning when the bullet is about 20 inches down the barrel. A 22 long rifle bullet has very little force when shot from a pistol. The powder is still burning long after the bullet slowly left the barrel. So use pistol ammunition for a pistol and rifle ammunition for a rifle.

Instructions on how to take apart a black powder pistol?

Which one?

Who makes Italy fie black powder pistol patent number 7666?

make should be stamped on pistol

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