Package from China sent through Post Office it is being held up in customs It came through O'hare airport Does anyone have a number you can call to see how you can get it released?

What did you ship? China has a long list of prohibited items, which can be viewed here: Prohibitions: Arms, ammunition, weapons. Articles in hermetically sealed, nontransparent containers. Chinese currency, Coins; banknotes; securities payable to bearer; traveler's checks; gold, silver, platinum, manufactured or not; precious stones; jewelry. Other valuable articles, unless sent as an insured post. Manuscripts, printed matter, photographic negatives, gramophone records, films, magnetic tapes, video tapes, etc., which could do political, economical, cultural, or moral harm to the People's Republic of China. Meat and meat products. Perishable infectious biological substances. Radioactive materials. Radio receivers, transmitters or receivers of all kinds, walkie-talkies and parts thereof; valves, antennae, etc. Used clothing and bedding. Wrist-watches, cameras, television sets, radio sets, tape records, bicycles, sewing machines, and ventilators. Restrictions The importation of personal articles is limited to those intended for personal use and imported in reasonable quantities. The value of the items contained in each shipment must not exceed RMB 100 yuan and the total value of the shipment received annually by each family may not exceed RMB 800 yuan.