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Pain in armpits?

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I have intermittent twinges under my right armpit. It doesn't much, but it annoys me There are no lumps there. Can you help me?

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What causes pain under the armpits?

Well it may be from shaving and the razor irritation. Or just swollen lympnoids

What are the sypmtons of the black death?

Black Boils Black Spots Pain in armpits and groin Feverish Thirst Vomiting

What rhymes with armpits?

There are no perfect rhymes for the word armpits.

Why are your armpits dark?

your armpits are dark because of your shadow.

Why do I have itchy armpits?

i have ichy armpits because i have lice under them

Do gymnasts shave their armpits?

Yes, gymnasts do shave their armpits.

Why are armpits called armpits?

cause theyr the pit of your arm

Why do elephants shave their friends armpits?

they cant reach their own armpits

What is an anatomical weak point?

an anatomical weak point, is a point on the body that is very subjectible to pain and damage, such as the eyes, groin, nerves, armpits, etc.

Why don't cows have armpits?

they do have armpits i live on a farm so i should know

Why do they remove the lymph nodes in the armpits?

Cancer would be the main reason to remove the lymph nodes from the armpits. Very often, breast cancer will spread to the armpits.

Why don't snakes have armpits?

Snakes don't have armpits because they don't have arms or legs.

Why do your armpits smell like hamburgers?

MAybe because you were stealing hamburgers and stuffed them in you armpits

How do you tickle armpits?

softly move your fingers under the armpits then start to move your fingers quicker

How do you get hair in your armpits?

You don't have to worry about that it will come you usually get hair under your armpits at the age of 13-16

Can herpes start on your armpits?

Herpes is unlikely to start on your armpits, and any symmetrical rash found in both armpits is certainly not herpes. See your health care provider for effective diagnosis and treatment.

What is the meaning of the word armpits?

Depending on the connotation, the word armpits has various meanings. Obviously, it is the hollow place under the arm at the shoulder. In other usage, armpits can be referring to an extremely unpleasant place.

Where do you sweat the most?


Can you shave your armpits?


Do guys shave their armpits?


How do you wash your armpits?

you don't

Do frogs have armpits?


What rhymes with bandits?


Are your armpits Harry?

No... I guess?

Do English ladies shave their armpits?

Every woman i know in the United Kingdom shaves their armpits, so yes. They do. :)

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