Pain in lower ribs and back?

Back pain is one of the most common ailments in the UK. It is thought more than 17 million Britons suffer from the problem, and the Health and Safety Executive estimates that it is responsible for nearly 5 million lost working days a year. Probably the most common cause is when the back muscles begin to spasm. This can often occur after strenuous activity, or can be a reaction to repetitive strain. The muscle is damaged, or irritated, and goes into spasm to protect the area from further injury. This can be extremely painful, and can lead to muscle tears if undue stress is exerted. Other causes of back pain include arthritis, fractures and infections. In many cases experts believe back pain is a manifestation of emotional upset, rather than a physical problem. More serious causes can include a prolapsed disc, or degenerative diseases of the spine - but these are relatively rare.
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