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Papa a la huaicaina?

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go to Mexico and start yelling it and every lady around you will want to do you

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What is the duration of La Bande ร  papa?

The duration of La Bande à papa is 1.5 hours.

How do you say potato in spanish?

la patata or la papa or you can say baked potatoe: el papa al horno

How do you say dads little princess in french?

La petite fille de papa or La petite fille à Papa

What actors and actresses appeared in La divine sieste de papa - 1986?

The cast of La divine sieste de papa - 1986 includes: Sarah Mesguich as La fille

What are potatoes called in panama?

La Papa = the potatoe

What actors and actresses appeared in La photocopie de Papa - 2011?

The cast of La photocopie de Papa - 2011 includes: Vanessa Fino as Ness

What is candyfloss called in French?

'la barbe à papa'

Papa Siempre Tiene la Razรณn?

Father is always right.

What actors and actresses appeared in La venida del Papa - 1979?

The cast of La venida del Papa - 1979 includes: Pope John Paul II as himself Alicia Lugo as herself

What actors and actresses appeared in La hora de la papa - 2007?

The cast of La hora de la papa - 2007 includes: Arath de la Torre as Himself - Host Carlos Gallegos as El Inspector (2007) Claudio Herrera as Host (2007) Galilea Montijo as Host (2007)

Where can you buy football jerseys in Rome?

in la papa footbalio on orasa street

Who expanded the Incan empire?

wasamara la yuca esa es papa

What does the Spanish word el papa mean in English?

El papa means Potato if there is no accent on the second 'a'. If it is capitalized, it refers to the Pope. It can also be an expression: Es la papa. Then it would mean: It's the best.

What actors and actresses appeared in Alabanza a la papa - 2004?

The cast of Alabanza a la papa - 2004 includes: Alfredo Bucco Ivana Elverdin Ivana Everdin Jorge Galaburri Emilio Reyes Virginia Sola

Quien es la mama de tu papa?

es mi abuela

What does Es la papa mean in English?

It's a slang term, meaning It is great.

What actors and actresses appeared in Aqui esta la papa - 2002?

The cast of Aqui esta la papa - 2002 includes: Shanik Berman as Herself - Host Omar Germenos as Himself - Host Betty Monroe as Herself - Host

What actors and actresses appeared in La grenouille et la baleine - 1988?

The cast of La grenouille et la baleine - 1988 includes: Denis Forest as Marcel Jean Lajeunesse as Grand-papa Thomas Roland Laroche as Grand-papa Hector Alie Lavoie Gray as La petite fille Marina Orsini as Julie Lise Thouin as Anne

What kind of food do people eat in Peru?

They eat a lot of things like arroz con pollo, papa a la huancaina, papa rellena, tallarines ceviche, and more..

Traditional foods in Peru?

lomo saltado, papa a la huancaina, ceviche, cau cau

How do you say forever daddy's girl in french?

pour toujours la fille de papa

What does casa su papa mean in English?

Casa su papa = Marry your potato. Casa su papá = Marry your father. Casa de su papá = Your Father's house/home Caza su papa = hunt your potato.

What has the author Alfredo Villanueva Collado written?

Alfredo Villanueva Collado has written: 'El imperio de la papa frita' 'Entre la inocencia y la manzana'

What actors and actresses appeared in La scelta del Papa - 2013?

The cast of La scelta del Papa - 2013 includes: Pope Benedict XVI as himself Emma Bonino Luigi Ciotti Fabio Fasciani Paolo Mieli Giulio Tremonti Nicola Vendola

How do you spell papa in french?