Part number for acura Honda crankshaft pulley tool?


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Try using harmonic puller

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yes it turns and it is very hard to remove without the proper tool, you need to go to your favorite auto part website and look for a crankshaft pulley removal tool

Acura has a great reputation for being a good car. Acura is rated number 1 with Honda and Toyota and Lexus. Acura is made by Honda.

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Acura is a division of Honda.

There is no difference. Acura is Honda and Honda is Acura. All Acura is is Honda's higher end line of cars or aka luxuary. Every part on a Acura is made by Honda.

I believe Honda is the "Parent Company" of Acura.

Yes. Honda and Acura are the same company.

No, the Acura lineup is not mirrored by the Honda line up. The Honda Accord does not have a "sibling" in the Acura line.

No, Acura is the name of Honda's Luxury line.

Yes. Honda Acura and Isuzu are all the same company.

Acura is a branch of Honda

It actually all depends on what Acura or Honda car it is. In my opinion, yes. Acura is a luxury car brand of Honda that can actually go faster than the Honda brand.

crc an a whole lot of effort, they do come off but its not easy.its also just as hard to put back on at the correct torque, try harmonic balancer puller or breaker bar method

In America Acura is known as the luxury brand of Honda. Overseas though, the Acura Brand does not exists and Honda takes claim to all of its vehicles such as the Integra, Rsx, and legend.

Acura is a division of Honda

Honda is Japanese. Acura started in the United States in 1986 and arrived in Japan in 2000.

acura has a good suspension and honda has a good exaust.The difference between the kits is that acura has a good speed and honda has a good power.

There are currently five different Honda models which are assembled in America. They include the Honda Accord, Honda CR-V, Honda Crosstour, Acura RDX, and the Acura TL.

acura (honda)...who is buried in grants tomb ?

Honda ATF-Z1 fluid, you have to get it from your Honda/Acura dealer.

Acura & Honda Vehicles.any acura or honda?does it work on some and not some?

It is posted wherever the VIN of the vehicle is posted. It will start at fourth number of the VIN. Say your VIN is 2HGEJ634SXxxxxxx It will be "EJ6". This works for any Honda and Acura.

Acura dealers sell Honda cars, usually sedans or coups. Acura is a subset of Honda cars, meaning whatever the dealers are selling would also be an Acura.

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