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It's a Stevens 59. If your local gunsmith can't get the bolt, try

Hi you may not ever find a bolt for that shotgun there was a recall on some of the 12ga JC Higgins and all you had to do was send in the bolt and sears sent you $165 so that's may be why it has no bolt now

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Q: Parts for a JC Higgins shotgun?
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Where can you get parts for a 12 gauge JC Higgins Model 101.1 shotgun?

Stevens made jc Higgins shotguns ,the model 311 interchanges with the jc Higgins

Where can you find a parts diagram for a JC Higgins shotgun?

J.C. Higgins is an old brand name used by Sears.

How much is a jc Higgins shotgun?

Which model are you asking about?

Jc Higgins model 20 12 ga shotgun model 583.55 date of manufacture on a JC Higgins Model 20 shotgun?

Early 1950's

Where is the Serial No on a JC Higgins Model 20 Shotgun?

JC Higgins Model 20 Shotgun does not have a serial number. Guns were not required to have a serial number before 1938

Where can you get parts for a JC Higgins model 60 auto shotgun?

Try Numrich Arms. They go by They have some parts, some are unavailable or expensive for this low value shotgun.

What is the value of a JC Higgins model 20 shotgun?


Where can you get a stock for a JC Higgins model 66 12 ga Shotgun? has parts for all rifles/shotguns and more.

What is the value of a jc Higgins 12guage shotgun?

Impossible to answer- there were dozens of models.

Why was the JC Higgins bolt action shotgun model 583.2 recalled?


Why was jc Higgins shotgun 583.16 recalled?

It had some bolt issues

Who made the JC Higgins Model 583.3 bolt shotgun for Sears and where can you get parts?

J C Higgins 583 3 20 gauge bolt action shotgun was Made by Harrington & Richardson Arms Co. For High Standard Manufacturing who in turn supplied them to Sears and Roebuck &Co. JC. Higgins was a Sears trade Name your shotgun is the first Series of JC Higgins shotguns made 1945/46. It was based on the pre war H&R model 120 /121 these are excelent old guns some parts are available from from Numrich arms Gun Parts Corp. In West Hurley NY.I have tons of parts Been a gunsmith for many years and Believe it or not I collect JC Higgins Bolt shotgun s repair them for customers often

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