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Parts of globe?

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what is the parts of a globe

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Define the different parts of the globe?

different parts of the globe

Identify the different parts of the Globe Theater?

what are the different parts of the globe

What are the parts of globe?

what are the lines of the globe

What are the three main parts of the Globe Theatre?

The Globe Theater was the primary home of William Shakespeare's acting company. It had three main parts, the outside of the globe, the globe stage and the tiring house.

Parts of globe with drawing?


Give and define the parts of the globe?

give and define its parts

What are the 13 parts of the globe and their meaning?

There are far fewer or far more than thirteen parts of the globe. More information is needed on the type of classification you are using and the globe you are referring to.

Parts of a globe?

parts of a globe are: longitude latitude north pole south pole south hemisphere north hemisphere equatoe

Which parts of the globe are most populated by crabs?

east and western parts

How do you label parts of a globe?

By using a pen

Parts of the globe?

Please move this to "geography".

What are three main parts of the globe theatre?

I have only learned of two different parts of the globe theatre, which are the inner stage and the outer. I have yet to find the third part?

Is tundra in South America?

No. It is mostly in northern parts of the globe

What are the parts of a globe?

A globe is a sphere, it is usually a single part.Parts of a globe consist of:LongitudeLatitudeNorth PoleSouth PoleSouthern HemisphereNorthern HemisphereEastern HemisphereWestern HemisphereEquatorPrime MeridianOceansIslands

When is a globe more useful than a map?

Because a globe shows the whole entire world, with an map it only shows lillte parts of the world, and a globe has more details

What is a time dial on a globe?

The time dial is located at the north pole on the globe and tells you the time differences in different parts of the world

What is the international scope of English language?

It is spoken in many parts of the globe.

What 2 parts of the globe is formed by the equator?

Northern and southern hemispheres

Why is equator whether different from other parts of the globe?

hence, equator...

Why did the first globe show less land on the earth than there really is?

Because at the time the Globe was made parts of the Earth were still undiscovered.

Where is the real North pole?

south of the equator If you look at a globe you will see white parts at the top and bottom. North Pole is at the TOP of the globe.

Different parts of globe?

hemispheres poles equator longitude latitude meridian

How does the sun shine on the warmest parts of the earth Demonstrate this with a flashlight and a globe?

It's the other way around. The warmest parts of the earth are warmest because the sun has shone on them. Demonstrate with a high-power lamp shining on a globe. After a while, the parts that are lit will feel warmer to the touch.

Parts of the globe theater?

There are many parts of he Globe, like the pit which is where the pesants stand, the higher courts which is where the posh people like the queen would sit, the stage which is where they act. the dresser whjich is where they dress. LoL hope this helps

Who performed in globe theater?

Actors performed in the globe theater, men played women parts as well as it was considered un-lady like for women to act.