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Pennsylvania major industries?

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steel coal medicine Cable Television

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steel mining is one of the major industries in Pennsylvania.

Major industries in Pennsylvania include steel, cars, electronics equipment, and mining. The farming industry includes oats, mushrooms, corn, and soybeans.

i do not know but the products corn,Hershey chocolate.

i think that it is the chocolate factory that make hershey's chocolate

Pennsylvania has many major industries, the largest being iron, steel, coal, oil and chemicals.

Subsistence farming.Lumber and forestry.Hunting and trapping.

farming, iron production, paper-making, shipbuilding, and shipping.

Major industries are industries in a country that are dominant. Major industries in the United States are, chemicals, paper, and metals.

There are no major industries left.

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Georgia has a number of major industries. The major industries includes the aerospace industry, the automotive industry, the financial services industries and tourism industries.

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WhatI read is that Peru's major industries is Precious Metals,Coal and Iron Industries are major in Peru.

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Fiji's major industries are mostly sugar

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The major industries are textiles and tobacco.

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cool industries obviously if they were major

The major battle that was in Pennsylvania was GETTYSBURG

Mining, machinery, automobile and energy are all major industries in China. Electronics and consumer products are also major industries in China.

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