People are inherently good or evil?

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This was a great religious controversy around the time of the Reformation... and because everyone couldn't agree on the answer, it still rages today. The question necessitates that it's asking about "the 'natural' man's relationship with God"... the way a man is when born, totally subject to the five senses - and not a "converted" man whose mind (spirit) is being "called" by God and opened to the divinely revealed Word of God. The "natural" man is "carnal minded"... which is different from being "spirit" minded, or having a spiritual consciousness or spiritual awareness. Man is more attuned to his five physical senses (taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing). These physical senses provide the "physical data" to the brain for processing before it's categorized or acted upon, or whatever is required before it's stored away in mental files and folders called : our memory. These memories never leave us... although, if some of them aren't accessed often, we can have a time "recalling" them. However it is that our brain works... these bytes of physical data all add up to program whatever personality we develop into. Everyone's life's programming is uniquely theirs. They "play back" the same way every time, unless changes are made to the programming and the personality is modified. That little analogy was a computerized attempt to explain how the "natural" man works. Of the natural carnal minded man, God's Word says" "...the CARNAL MIND is ENMITY (hostile) against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be." (Rom.8:7) Therefore, in accordance with God's Word, I contend that man is naturally evil... simply because he is inherently "selfish;" naturally rebellious against God's law, which is what sin is (I John 3:4). God is "love"... and love is outgoing. Selfishness is "self-love" (love aimed inwardly toward the self). That's why we naturally care for "ol' number one" and have to work pretty hard at times to care about anyone else. It's I, me, my and mine, normally with most folks. But, love needs to "flow" like a river current for it's power to work and strengthen. Love aimed inwardly stagnates and dies out. True love is giving, not taking. And the natural man "takes." So, until God changes us (I Cor.15:51)... I maintain the answer to the question: "Man is inherently evil, but likes to think he's good."
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Why are people evil?

Not all people are evil. However, a good bit of people are misunderstood and/or mistreated, and a lot of times that results in one becoming "evil". There are also a lot of selfish people that don't care about anyone except themselves, therefore being evil by not considering anyone else and hurting m ( Full Answer )

What are good and evil?

Philosophically, "good" is that which does some benefit or derives from a positive moral action. The converse "evil" is something intrinsically harmful or malevolent in some way. In human experience, the terms are applied subjectively and depends on who is helped and who is harmed.

When is it good to do evil?

Ask your Parents . Answer . Here's an answer from the Bible for you:. Romans 3:5-8 says: But if our unrighteousness commend the righteousness of God, what shall we say? Is God unrighteous who taketh vengeance? (I speak as a man). God forbid: for then how shall God judge the world?. For if t ( Full Answer )

If people are inherently sinful why do most people lead relatively good lives?

Another answer from our community: I don't know that most people lead a 'relatively' good life and onecannot lead a 'relatively' good life anyway - either you follow Godor you don't and Jesus explained this very clearly. The answer toyour question is in your question. You ask, "If people areinhere ( Full Answer )

Why do people decide to go from good to evil?

Answer . Some people have a lot of terrible things happen in their life without a break and it can often make that person jaded. Also certain diseases (not yet diagnosed) or certain medications given by their doctor can have a side effect of mood changes. Of course alcohol and street drug abuse c ( Full Answer )

Did revolutionaries view man as inherently good evil or somewhere in between?

Generally speaking, revolutionaries were largely atheistic. As such, they would be skeptical of a spiritual generalization. . My best guess is that a given revolutionary would be pragmatic; if a given person was helpful to 'the revolution', he wouldn't trouble himself overmuch about motivation. . ( Full Answer )

Are humans inherently good or evil?

Well... of course you know how the story goes. Adam and Eve ate the apple and disobeyed Jehovah, God. Therefor the apple was from the tree of knowledge of good and bad and when they ate it they knew what was good and bad. But God told them not to eat from for not to even touch for if they do they wi ( Full Answer )

Is man inherently good or evil according to the Confucian traditions?

Confucianism as interpreted by Mencius posits that humans areinherently good. He believed all humans have the ability todistinguish right from wrong and even if a child has not beentaught which acts are acceptable and not bad, they have the abilityto feel shame.

Are people basically good or evil?

Opinion: Basically, people are whoever they choose to be whether it is more evil than good or more good than evil. What people, normally, are not is one hundred percent of either side.

Do people of the Christian faith believe that they are born inherently good evil or neutral?

What the Bible says:- . Psalms 34:13,14 Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile. 14. Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it. . Romans 2:7--11 To them who by patient continuance in well doing seek for glory and honour and immortality, eternal life: 8. But u ( Full Answer )

What are some good names you can use for people who are evil?

You need to invent your own names - writers who copy ideas from other people end up in trouble for plagiarism! If you copy someone's names or ideas, then when you publish your story, they could claim you stole those from them and sue you for part of your money. Click on the LINKS for character name ( Full Answer )

Are people born good or evil?

Good and evil are perceptions based on personal views. What is good to a pro-choice activist is evil to a pro-life activist, and vice versa. People are influenced by their surroundings; family, friends, school, books, etc. You have to go through your own experiences to choose what you want to believ ( Full Answer )

Inherent evil in Lord of the Flies?

The inherent evil in all mankind is the main theme of the novel, along with how quickly we revert to savagery when we are removed from civilization.

Demons are evil and angels good but there are some of them who are opposite because good and evil are defined as the majority of how people feel. so could this mean that deitis only exist. not serve?

People feel how they feel. So its only appropriate that the majority decides in law. So if there were more of one group then that group would have to be the mostlogically reasonable thing that it would be in charge. Most foundations of all categories are misunderstood as they are unknown. Other wise ( Full Answer )

Are people evil?

Evil, bad, and good are all subjective characterizations. A more accurate way of describing people are in terms of: - empathetic/non-empathetic or compassionate/uncompassionate - ethical/unethical - altruistic/selfish When someone commits a hurtful act against another person, they areacting without ( Full Answer )

Do people of the Buddhist faith believe that they are born inherently good or bad?

They think they are in their current position due to their past life because of the belief on karma. Answer#2 Buddhism is a way of life, not really a religion of commandments and obedience. The Buddha taught us to live in accord with Nature and the Law of Cause and Effect is one of the few Laws of ( Full Answer )

Do people of Islamic faith believe that they are born inherently good or evil?

Well it's depend on the person thinking God made every one equal. Men's, and, Women's are equal. If the person think bad than he/she is evil and if the person thinks good then he/she is not evil. For example: The people who kill other innocent people without any reason just for enjoyment are evil an ( Full Answer )

What does 'All that is needed for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing' mean?

Because we all are fallen, and so every part of us is affected (to varying degrees) by sin, we all are inclined to do evil. Some of us (those called "good people" in the quote you referenced), through education, contemplation, experience, and so on, are more inclined than others to fight against evi ( Full Answer )

Do people in Spain believe humans are good or evil?

All the people in Spain do not believe the same thing about anything. In this respect, they are the same as people in any other country. The people of Spain, like people everywhere else, have all sorts of different religious and spiritual beliefs.

Are people inherently evil?

Short answer:-Yes, otherwise there would be no reason for Jesus Christ to be our Redeemer.

Why good people suffer and evil people prosper?

Because good people have limits to what they can do(as in to not hurt others) while evil people have no restraints on what they can and cannot do, allowing them much more freedom to get what they want, and thus hurt others (as in good people).

Does hades bring evil or good to the people of the ancient greek?

Hades was feared by the Greeks. They all new that one day he would be in charge of either their punishment or reward. Although the most unlike god Hades wasn't seen as evil he was seen as a just judge giving people only what they deserve. He also was seen in some cases being a benevolent being as th ( Full Answer )

Who are some good people that have done evil things?

A: Many ethical thinkers say that if a person does an evil thing in order to prevent a greater evil, then the person has not really done an evil thing. On that basis, we can say that truly good people do not intentionally do evil things. There are people who are thought of as good people, religiou ( Full Answer )

What are opinions on whether there are good and evil people?

The main problems with forming opinions on 'whether there are good and evil people' are: . Defining good and evil. . Deciding (or reaching some sort of agreement/consensus on) who decides what is good and evil. . Determining if the concepts of good and/or evil (morality) are innate in all peopl ( Full Answer )

Is A Higher Degree Of Evil Inherent In Blacks?

Not any more than any other race. The question would imply that there is some difference between them and others resulting in a greater frequency of evil deeds when the only difference is amount of melanin in their skin which would not effect behavior.

Do revolutionaries view man as inherently good bad or inbetween?

That would depend on the revolutionary, as a broad question like that cannot possibly have an accurate answer. Honestly, you may as well ask "Do revolutionaries consider cheesecake as delicious, disgusting, or in between?". I'm quite seriously not trying to make fun of you, just trying to show you ( Full Answer )

Does Athena bring good or evil to the people of ancient Greece?

\n Athena brings good to ancient Greece because, she is the goddess of wisdom and that's a good thing. Also she is the goddess of crafts so the people of Athens (her city) are naturally good at crafting which is also a good thing. Last, she provides them with the olive tree, which gives people f ( Full Answer )

Why are people smugglers evil people?

they are evil people because they have been making people risk their lives and have been going to jail because the people coming from overseas but they have to have the permission to come to Australia.

Are people good or evil for birth?

No, its the experience that makes a man. For instance do you know you made a mistake before , or after .

Why are there more evil people than good people in the world?

Simply because it is more beneficial for themselves. People don't care much about being 'good' because by design a person is selfish. You must remember that a human is still an animal, and animals like to take the shortest, easiest, and best route to being successful. That means usually being evil. ( Full Answer )

Are Irish people inherently open in their culture?

Generally the Irish are warm and open in the culture and glad to show it to others, so that people can find out more about both the well known aspects of Irish culture and the less well known things. Irish culture has flourished around the world, partly due to it being open. Generally the Irish are ( Full Answer )

What is puritan philosophy about how humans are inherently evil?

Total depravity is a doctrine based on original sin. Itclaims that every person born into the world is unable to refrainfrom evil. It is advocated by many Protestant schools, includingLutheranism, Arminianism, and Calvinism.

Is human nature inherently good or evil?

Actually neither. Good and evil aee subjective terms, dependentupon the perceiver. Human behavior is naturally inquisitive andegocentric. How that is viewed by others is judged good or evil.There are many philosophers on both sides of this question -suggest reading the Lockean v Hobbsian Consensus. ( Full Answer )