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Generally, most people of Dutch ancestry are called Afrikaners, derived from the language that they speak (Afrikaans) although this is not the only group descended from Dutch ancestry, as many English-speaking South Africans may also have Dutch ancestry.

To complicate it, the immigrants during the Dutch occupation of the Cape included large numbers of people of north German extraction, many French and a scattering of Swiss, Scandinavians and other Europeans. All of these gradually assumed the dominant Dutch language and are now part of South Africa's Afrikaans speaking (and English speaking) population, but were not of Dutch ancestry.

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Q: People of Dutch ancestory in South Africa are called?
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What are People of Dutch ancestry in South Africa called?


What did Dutch settlers in Africa call themselves?

The Dutch settlers in South Africa called themselves the Voortrekkers.

What were dutch settlers were called in s Africa?

Also called Afrikaners, who were the Dutch settlers in South Africa repeatedly driven inland by British settlers.

Are people from swenden called dutch?

No, they are called Swedish. People from Holland are called Dutch

Are Dutch people called Russians?

No, they are not. People from Russia are called Russian and people from the Netherlands are called Dutch.

What were the Dutch colonists called in South Africa?


What are people of Dutch ancestry called?

Dutch is what people of Dutch ancestry are called in the Netherlands. They're called Flemings in Belgium. They're called Dutch American in the United States of America.

What are the people from the Netherlands called?

People from the Netherlands are called Dutch or Nederlanders (that is the Dutch translation).

What did the Dutch colonists in south Africa call themselves?

The Dutch settlers called themselves Voortrekkers

Who are the dutch descendent population of South Africa?

Most people with Dutch surnames in South Africa are of Dutch descent. Dutch surnames typically have a separate prefix such as:De ....Den ...Van ...Van der ...

What are dutch ancestry called in south Africa?


What are people who live in Holland are called Dutch or?


What were dutch farmers in south Africa called?

Boer, which is Dutch for farmer. This name is still in use today

Where in Europe does the dutch people live in?

People with nationality of Netherlands are called Dutch.

What are mountains in south Africa called?

They are sometimes called "berg" which is a derivative of the Dutch word

What were the south africans dutch ancestors called?

They were called Boers, this translates as 'farmers' The Dutch settlers in South Africa were also known as Afrikaners

Why are people who live in the Netherlands called Dutch?

They are called Dutch because they are citizens of the Netherlands

What are the people in the Netherlands called?

They are called Dutch.

What was the war between the British and Dutch in South Africa called?

It was called the Anglo-Boer war

What Grasslands that cover most of Africa?

The grasslands of Africa (mainly in South Africa and Namibia) are called "the veldt" -- a Dutch word denoting grassy plains, in other parts of Africa it is called Savanna.

What was the dutch east Africa company called?

east india trading company

What are the people of holland called?

the Dutch

What are the people of the Netherlands called?

The Dutch.

What are people from Netherland called?


Did the dutch colinize South Africa?

The Dutch and the British colonised South Africa.