People who hate Jews are called?

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They are called anti-Semites.

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Did all the people hate the Jews?

All the people can't hate the Jews. The Jews are 'people' and they don't hate themselves.

the word for people who didn't hate jews but liked hitler?

Why do some people hate Jews and Israel especially as concerns the UN?

For the reasons why people hate Jews and Israel, please see the Related Question below (so that they need not be repeated here). As specifically concerns the United Nations, people that hate the Jews and Israel hate that the United Nations was responsible for granting Jews permission to declare the State of Israel.

Why did the japanese hate the jews?

The Japanese did not hate the Jews. The Japanese actually believed that Jews were a powerful group of people who should be courted for their world influence. It was the Nazi Germans who hated the Jews.

Why do some Jews hate other Jews?

Answer 1Jews are not supposed to hate anyone, but there are some Jews that only tolerate people like themselves.Answer 2There are also ...-- Conservative Jews who hate Orthodox Jews-- Reform Jews who hate Conservative Jews-- Muslims who hate all Jews-- Christians who hate all Muslims and Jews-- Catholics who hate all Protestants-- Muslims who hate all Baha'i-- Atheists who hate all believers-- Women who hate men-- Republicans who hate Democrats-- Turks who hate Greeks-- French who hate Germans-- Creationists who hate all Evolutionists-- Little kids who hate teachers-- Black people who hate whites-- White people who hate blacks-- Texans who hate Hispanics-- Drivers who hate bicycle riders-- Southerners who hate northernersand last but not least-- Methodists who hate Baptists.A lot more for inquiring minds to wonder at than simply Jews.And now that I look back on the question one more time as it fades into the sunset ...Where does the first contributor get his essential thesis: "Jews are not supposed to hate anyone." ? What does this mean ? That everyone else gets a pass for their hatred but Jews alone must answer for theirs ? Does that mean that the one who said "Love one another as I have loved you" was only speaking from his Jewish roots, but once he made the jump, he was free to leave all that behind and to enjoy hatred without guilt ?

Why in history and maybe today has society hated Jews?

Please see the Related Questions linked to below.Why do people hate the Jews?Why do some Christians hate Jews?Why do some Muslims hate Jews?

How many people hate Hitler?

About 57% of the popultation hate Hitler. More people hate the Russian guy more (Especially Jews and christians)

Why were Jewish people so strongly hated by the Nazi regime and why do so many people still dislike them?

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Why were Jews painted as being inferior?

The Jews are God's people. Satan hates God. Therefore Satan hates the Jews. Many people are followers of Satan without knowing it. Therefore they often hate the Jews without knowing why. One manifestation of this hate is to assert that the Jews are inferior to them.

Do Jews hate name Sophia?

No, Jews do not hate the name Sophia. There are many Jews with that name.

Why did Jews hate dogs?

Wrong. Jews don't hate dogs.

Why does Shylock hate Jews?

Shylock did not hate Jews. Shylock was a Jew.

Did the germans hate the jews?

No, not all Germans hates the Jews. However, the particular group of Germans that hates the Jews were called the Nazi Germans.

Did God hate people in the Old Testament?

AnswerThe God of the Priestly Source was certainly cruel and merciless, but he did not hate people, at least not his chosen people, the Jews.

What did Hitler's hate campaign have to do with the Jews?

The Jews were the target of Hitler's hate campaign.

Why do Israelis hate Jews?

Israelis do not hate Jews. Most Israelis are Jewish.

Why do Jews hate cristians?

Most Jews do not hate Christians.

Why do people dislike Israel?

Some people are anti-Semitic (they hate Jews). Other people favor Palestine in their conflict. But most people don't hate Israel.

Did Jews hate the people that worked for Hitler?

Yes, their families were getting killed by Hitler's servants. Why wouldn't they hate him? :)

What are you called if you hate Jews like you are racist if you hate black people?

antisemitic. It means hatred of Jewish people <--- Actually it could mean antisemitic OR racist. It just depends on whether they converted to Judaism or if they're born Jewish.

People killing other people out of hate?

It is sometimes called hate crime.

What year did Hitler begin to hate the Jews?

Hitler began to hate the Jews when he saw that they were loosing the war with Britain .. he automaticly blamed it on the Jews ....and just devoloped a hate for them because they had money and good things and some of the Germans didnt ...but the Jewish were hard working people

Were the Nazis the first people to hate the Jews?

Hell no, many people hated Jews for thousands of years, mainly Christians hated Jews due to different religious believes.

Did they only hate Jews in nazi Germany?

NO IT DID NOT! Hitler dominated various parts of Europe and began to spread antisemitism there. Antisemitism is the hatred of Jews and discriminating or persecuting against them in any way to harm them trying to let them know Jews are hated a lot. Hitler's hate speeches gave a rise to hating Jews and became extreme at certain times when pogroms or other events were called out. People still hate Jews today and many other races too.

Why did the germand hate the Jews?

All Germans did not hate the Jews; but those that did were inspired by Hitler and his doctrine to hate them.