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New Englanders

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Q: People who live in New England area?
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Type of people that live in New Hampshire?

Most of the people in New Hampshire are from England. So are most people from the region new England.

How many people live in New England right now?

It would depend upon what you consider New England, traditionally it is comprised of New York State upwards, so about 35 Million people live in New England.

Where do most people in New England live?


Were do most people in New England live?


Where do most people live in New England?


Who founded New England?

New England (located on the eastern coast of the U.S.) was founded by the British, hence the name New England. The first white people to live in New England were the passengers of the Mayflower, or the pilgrims. British people moved there to escape religious persecution back in England.

The people settled in this area looking for wealth They came from England in search of profit and gold?

new England

Where can one watch New England Patriots football games live?

New England Patriots games can be streamed live from the NFL website for a fee, or viewed on television via the NFL network. These are great options for fans living outside of the New England area.

How did the people live in the New England colonies and what did they live in?

They built houses and a meeting house so they could have meetings and to sell stock animals. The New England people built a well. a stock yard, and a mill, and a school

Where did most people live in colonial society?

most people lived in puritan new england

What state are the New England Patriots from?

The New England Patriots are from Massachusetts but also represent the New England area.

What is the area of Six Flags New England?

The area of Six Flags New England is 1,149,307.2239616 square meters.

The colony I live in has few slaves but many indentured servant's where do I live?

New England

What is the main reason why the people set up factories in New England?

it was a coastal area

Why is this area referred to as New England?

because it was like england but smaller,and newer,which is why it is called new england, because it was new.

What was the first colony established in the New England area?

The first colony established in the New England area was in witch city?

Why do people live in Florida?

Mostly because they are too poor to summer in New England.

Who makes up the population in New England?

People that live there make up its population.

What was New England people?

If you are referring to "New England," this means a group of British colonies in the New World that today are the states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. The people who lived in the British colonies originally came from England to live in North America; eventually, these colonists declared their independence from England, and New England became part of the United States.

Why did England change its name to New England?

England is still called England. New England is an area in the northeastern region of the United States.

Why are the Patriots from New England?

The Patriots are from New England because that is where the live and play.

Is New York bigger than England?

I live in New York and it is pretty big. I've heard people say England's bigger and I've heard people say New York's bigger. I honestly think they're pretty close in size and it kinda depends if you're talking about length, width, or area.

What country in the south pacific area does the maori people live?

new zealand

Where did The Maliseet people live?

they lived in the area between Maine and New Brunswick

What state is new England in?

New England is an area consisting of 6 states. It itself is not in a state

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