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What is the highest grade you can go to in piano?

The highest grade is 8, but then you can do Diplomas. The Diplomas include AMusA, LMusA and FMusA. Most people who are serious about learning piano complete up to grade 8 if they play piano for their own enjoyment. Many people learn up to AMusA because that is the grade you have to pass to be able to teach piano grades.

Can you define the fifth amendment for fifth grade?

it is to be smart It is to be able to have people decide weather or not you go to jail or not fairly

Should students be able to grade their teachers?


How many years does it take from grade 1 to grade 8?

Normally it should take 8 years. However if you are smarter than most people your age you may be able to skip. And vise-versa

What are the consequences of failing 8th grade?

you will not be able to have a career

Should kids be able to use phones?

yes, because it is a great way to connect with people. thay should have one for their sixth grade year.

What is the average reading grade-level in the world?

Most books recommend writing at about a fifth-grade reading level. Some people read better than that, and some cannot read as well, but that is the accepted average. Writing at that level will mean that most people will be able to understand you.

What grade do you have to be to take GCSE music?

You can be at any ability.Just make sure you are able to get a decent grade for GCSE music at the end.

What grades are able to have to pass a grade in high school?

all A's I think because I'm only in 3rd grade?

If a 4th grader fails the STAAR tests will he be able to move on to the next grade?

If you fail the STAAR tests, you will not proceed to the next grade.

What are some 3rd grade examples of suffixes?

-ed, -able, -less.

How many words per minute should a high school student be able to read?

By 9th grade a student should be able to read 219 WPM with comprehension. By 12th grade, 261 WPM.

Why go to Virginia in the 1600s?

Because many people thought that they would be able to make a profit out of tobacco-Hans Son (7th grade student studying Virginia in the 1600s)-

Can you be as smart as a 11th grader when you are in second grade?

I think so. Some people are dumb. In my eyes curiosity, creativity, and being able to generate ideas and solve problems is intelligence....

How do you show your teachers you need to skip a grade?

tell him/her that you are eligible for skipping a grade in terms of your successful level of learning, sophisticated minds, etc. it is best to pass a grade test/exam. ex) if you're in grade 9 and you want to skip to grade 10, write a grade 10 test and if you pass with a high mark, your teacher is likely to see that you are able.

What is an option school?

aperson that isn't pasing a sertain grade has got to go to an option an option school they help you to pass the grade that you are no able to pass.

How can you tell a 4th grade boy is flirting with a fifth grade girl?

Well, you will be able to tell if they are flirting with you if they happen to hang around with you alot, or if they give you compliments.

Using the word reverse in a sentence?

If this essay is good, I will be able to reverse your failing grade.

Should 6th grade be able to play sports?

no unless they call it midget ball

What gcse's do you need for event planning?

You need mainly art, media studies, a good grade in English and maths and also you should have natural people skills and be able to present yourself well.

Youve liked a girl since 7th grade and you used to talk with her a lot now in eight grade you think she still likes you but she doesnt talk to you as much what should you do?

Find a way to start talking to her again in a relaxed way. If you were able to tell she liked you in 7th grade, you'll be able to tell if she still feels that way now.

Does oogenesis start before birth?

Yes. In fact women have the maximum amount of eggs they'll ever have while they are in vitro. Though that is not a cause for concern because you have thousands more than you will ever be able to use.

What is a good sentence for attention?

If you had paid attention to the teacher in grade school, you would be able to answer this question.

What reason does Walter give atticus for not being able to pass first grade?

Walter Cunningham tells Atticus he has not been able to pass first grade because he has to stay out every spring to help his father with the chopping. The Cunninghams were farmers and were very poor.

At the Finch's for lunch what reason does Walter give Atticus for not being able to pass the first grade?

He cannot pass first grade because every year he has to help his family with the crops since they are farmers but he thinks he can pass this year because his father hired people to help so Walter doesn't have to.