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People with shorter parents taller than me?


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Yes, it is possible to have shorter parents than yourself.


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the author of do taller people run faster then shorter people is Jim Liffer

It depends on how strong that person is who is jumping and how fast he is!!!!!! But resent studies show that YES in average shorter people or SMALLER people DO jump farther than taller people.!!!

My best guess is that taller people will probably run faster than shorter people but it really depends on the surface their running on right?Im not that sure.Plz help me.

not really, it depends on how much energy you have. If you are weak, you run slower, if you are strong, you run faster, so shorter people can run faster than taller people.

Shaiju is shorter than Anil, but she is taller than Anup. Renjith is shorter than Anil, and shorter than Anup. Raj is taller than Renjith, but shorter than Anil. If the statements above are true, one can validly conclude that Sathish is shorter than Shaiju if it is true that:Shaiju is equal in height to RajRaj is equal in height to SathishSathish is taller than Renjith but shorter than RajSathish is shorter than Anil but taller than AnupRaj is taller than Sathish, but shorter than Anup

Because your wingspan is approximately equal to your height. So the taller you are the longer your wingspan

They have longer legs which means further strides.

They're not supposed to, but a lot of times they do.

Yes. Salman khan is shorter than katrina kaif. Katrina kaif is taller than him. You can see in many movies he is shown to be taller than her but in reality he is shorter than her.

Depends. Typically, the male offspring is taller than both parents. It is also typical for the daughter to be shorter than the father and close to equivalent height if not taller than the mother. Though scientifically, lots of genes take play, and it all depends on previous family history and genetic mutations.

I am 6'2 and have always been short winded.

Because their lungs are bigger.and they have finer air

There are many factors other than height which affect the speed of a runner, but all else being equal, taller people run faster than shorter people.

Taller - It's about 1.77 metres

One would guess that people with bigger hands tend to have bigger skeletons all around and so are taller.

it might be shorter than or might be taller than you.

in my opinion as long as the girls is shorter than the guy the better

Dwarfs are shorter and fatter. While elves are taller and slender.

Yes. The bodies of taller people require more oxygen to supply their muscles than shorter people, thus they have larger lung volumes.

No. They were shorter and stockier.

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