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Misrepresentation of the risk to the insurer by ommission of a known driver is Insurance Fraud. So the answer to your Question is "NO"

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Q: Person a has a license but can't get insurance person b has a revoked license dui's can b get insurance and have a drive on b's policy?
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Can a person who has a revoked license in NJ get a drivers license in Tennessee?


What is provisional licence insurance?

Provisional license insurance is insurance for people who have a provisional drivers license. A provisional license is for drivers under the age of 16 who are driving with a learners permit or a person who has previously had a license revoked or suspended and who has recently obtained a new license.

What happens if you lend your car to a person with a revoked license?

Then the person that lend the car can go to jail

What does revoked child care license mean?

If a person has a revoked child care license, it means that they are not to watch children in their home. This can occur if the person has been convicted u dangerous crimes.

Can an insurance company legally place a lien on someone's drivers license?

It is not possible to put a lien on a person's driver's license in any state. A driver's license can be suspended or revoked but only for traffic violations.

What is the difference between a revoked license and a restricted license?

A revoked license means the license was taken away. A restricted license means someone still has a license, but is limited in what they can do with it. For example, a person cannot legally drive with a revoked drivers license, but might be able to legally drive to and from work with a restricted license.

Will insurance company pay for an accident for a non license driver?

The insurance company will make you use your uninsured motorist coverage to pay for a person whose license has been revoked or who does not have insurance when they hit you, and even when it is totally their fault. Just pray the two of you don't have the same insurance company. IF the other person has coverage on their car; but their license is revoked, and you have the same insurance company, my experience is that you will be cheated out of everything that insurance company can cheat you out of. Mine even cheated me out of the car rental I had on my policy, when it was totally the fault of the driver with revoked license--told me I had only seven days of car rental to buy another car; when my policy had 30 days of car rental. This happened in Maryland, where the Insurance ADmin. protects the insurance company before the driver--this is my experience and opinion.

If the person driving have no driver license. will the insurance pay for it?

If what person is driving the person that was hit or the person that hit?

What does DWRS arrest stand for?

From what I can gather it means Driving While Revoked/Suspended, meaning the person had a suspended or revoked driver's license.

If your license is revoked can you still drive?

The only way that a person can legally drive with a revoked license is with what most states call driving privileges. A judge can allow the person to drive for work purposes and can restrict the days and times, even where the person can drive, depending on work needs.

Is it auto insurance fauld if your wife lied to her auto insurance and said she was not married because your license is revolked in Maryland?

It could be, especially if the person with the revoked license is involved in an accident because he cannot legally drive a vehicle and she committed insurance fraud by not telling her insurance company the spouse was in the household.

What is the penalty for unpaid traffic tickets in Virginia?

There are a couple of penalties a person can face for unpaid traffic tickets in Virginia. The person may have their license revoked or their license suspended.

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