Person centered therapy

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PCT, or person-centered therapy is talk-psychotherapy developed by Carl Rogers. He posited there were necessary and sufficient condition for therapeutic change,. Therapist-client psychological contact. client incongruence, genuineness, therapist unconditional positive regard, therapist empathetic understanding and client perception.

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Q: Person centered therapy
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Related questions

Whats the main difference between client centered therapy and person centered therapy?

there is no difference between client centered therapy and person centered therapy.

What is the difference between person centered therapy and psychoanalitic therapy?

person centered therapy is a form of psychoanalitic therapy

Both Gestalt therapy and person-centered therapy are examples of the?

Psychoanalytical approach to therapy

Who developed Person centered therapy?

carl rodgers

What type of approach is humanistic?

person-centered therapy approach

Which humanistic therapy approach emphasizes the attitudes of the therapist as the core of the therapeutic process?

Person Centered Therapy

How does client-centered therapy work well with the elderly?

Client-centered therapy is therapy that is tailored to each person. It works well for the elderly because it's good for the patient to get one on one therapy geared just towards them.

What is the main concepts of person-centered therapy?

the positive relationship of the counselor and client

Whose works include Client-Centered Therapy and On Becoming a Person?

Carl Rogers

What are the similarities and differences between person centred counselling and the gestalt theory?

Person centered and gestalt therapy modalities work towards the similar goal of getting unstuck from negative thoughts and behaviors. In person centered therapy the therapy is client driven, in gestalt both the therapist and client are working together in an exchange.

What are the disadvantages of person centered therapy?

There are numerous disadvantages to using person-centered therapy. Generally, this type of therapy only works well with educated patients. Another problem is that therapists don't collect enough information to help the patient based on the theory that the patient knows best.

What is the most important factor related to progress in person centered therapy?

Read the book, then you will know.

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