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Are you saying that you have discovered fuel in the engine crankcase? If this is the case you probably have a condition that allows far too much fuel in one or more of the cylinders. If the vehicle is running rough I would suspect a faulty injector that is stuck open, allowing fuel to wash down the cylinder and some of the fuel is making it past the piston, into the crankcase. This is a potentially bad condition, and can result in serious cylinder damage and if the oil is diluted sufficiently it can result in main and rod bearing damage. Change the oil to get the fuel out, find the source of the excess fuel and stop it before more damage is done. You asked about the symptoms: if the oil level goes UP when you run the vehicle, if the oil seems extra thin and if the oil has a gasoline smell. Remove a small amount of the oil and put it in a safe container. See if the oil burns easily and is volatile. While oil will burn it is not usually volatile unless fuel is mixed. To check it the oil is volatile, pass a burning match NEAR the oil without comming in contact. If it ignites suddenly and violently, it probably has gasoline in it. If that process seems a little too risky for you, take a sample of the oil to a lab to have it checked. You can probabably find a good lab in the local phone book. Call first to see if they can do that check for you.

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Q: Petrol in oil on a peugeot 306 what good be the symptoms?
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