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check valve clearence its a tud5 motor

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Q: Peugeot 106 Diesel 98 fails to start 50 of the time whether hot or cold Starts and runs well otherwise well maintained low mileage 69K?
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Why does your gas mileage change Chevy Impala?

Gas mileage in any car depends on many things. Some are: How hard you accelerate. How well maintained the car is. Long or short journeys (short give worse mileage). How heavily loaded the car is. Whether you have a roof rack (without gives better mileage).

Does high mileage mean a lousy engine?

Not necessarily- it all depends upon how well maintained the engine has been, and also whether it's the vehicles' original engine or not. A high-mileage engine that has been well looked after and cared for, will be in a better running condition than a low-mileage one that hasn't. Also, if the vehicle has had a replacement engine fitted, then mileage will be irrelevant anyway as far as the engine's condition is concerned.

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the studs are the same 4x100, whether the offset is correct i dont know, i have seen 206 gti wheels on a 306 dturbo before though

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