Phases of gymnastic program?


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what are thephase ofgymnastic

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the phases of gymnastic program has the only way to have some idea o remain the gymnastic in our country and the resources is our agility to prove that are country is the best country in the world thank you from: Luby Miccah

the phases of gymnastics are the rhythmic gymnastic.. parallel bar.. women's event.. hmmm.. aerobic gymnastic, acrobatic gymnastic.. etc.. :)

In the USA gymnastics program the phases are usually represented by a pyramid. The bottom is compulsory and optional levels 1-10. The middle is elite gymnastics. the top is Olympic and World championships.

the phases of gymnastics are aerobic gymnastic, rhythmic gymnastics, tumbling and trampouline, acrobic gymnastics.... that all i know for this time.. hope u knew it!! ahahah :)

By "phases" do you mean events? If so the 4 events for girls are vault, bars, beam, and floor. For the guys (they have 6) it's vault, bar, floor, p-bar, pommel horse, and rings

conditioning program, rhythmic gymnastiucs, stunts, tumbling, aparatus exercise and pyramid building.

Gymnastic doesn't have "phases." It is organized into levels. (up to 10 +elite) The levels are organized by difficulty. The lower the level, the less dificult.

The shares are to have fun, and to have pride in your self for who you are and what you do.

The three phases of the United States space program began with the Mercury program. The Gemini and finally the Apollo missions, complete our program.

What are the different phases of dance?

there is 6 phases of gymnastics and here they are floor exercise pommel horse, still rings, vault, parallel bars and horizontal bars.

Most YMCA's in your area will offer a gymnastics program. Call or check their website first!

Nigerians do gymnastics at gymnastic centers.

Balance support on an apparatus and tumbling are routine gymnastic exercises covered in most physical education classes in addition to the trolley horse.

Everything in gymnastic is hard. Gymnastic is a real sport and it's not easy.

There are five phases to dance. They are aerobics, break dancing, gymnastics, bending, and stretching. Each can be done separately or in a combination.

Nastia Liukin is one of the many famous gymnasts. She competed in the 2008 Olympics along with Shawn Johnson. Others are: -Olga Korbut -Nadia Comaneci -Mary Lou Retton -Věra Čáslavská

Faces in the gym" is in the USA gymnastics magazine. It shows pictures of young gymnasts with captions about their accomplishments as a gymnast

Father of gymnastic----------Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Grand father of German gymnastic------Gut Muths. There is no grandfather of Gymnastic.

74 fundamental gymnastic positions

what are the basic position of gymnastic?

well you spelled gymnastic right why did you ask weirdo

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